The 6 Benefits of Awning Installations

Retractable Awning Sutherland Shire

It can be easy to equate awnings with old school rusty contraptions that block the windows at Grandma’s old house. But since its humble beginnings the awning has undergone a dramatic transformation to ensure that its functionality doesn’t compromise on style or design features. From the retractable awning to the many different styles and materials, there are many different options and benefits of installing awnings around your home:

Materials and styles

Awnings come in a wide variety of colours, fabrics and textures which can either contrast with or compliment the colours of your home. You may want something that will stand out from the colours of your home and almost act as a feature. Or you may prefer something that blends in with your current colour scheme. Whatever look you want to create, the possibilities are endless.

Cut the cost of power bills

Awnings act as stylish barriers around your home protecting it from excess sun, heat and cold. They also do a good job of absorbing heat, keeping your home cool which means less hours spend in front of the air conditioner which can run up an unsightly power bill as the weather heats up.

Protection from fading

Protecting your home from the harsh rays of the sun also means protecting all of your furniture and flooring from fading. No internal cooling system can offer this as an added plus and yet this is something you really should consider to help maintain and preserve your curtains, furniture and other soft furnishings if your home experiences harsh direct sunlight.

Protection from the rain

Awnings are not just useful in protecting your home from the sun. With the right awning fabric and style, they can also assist to protect your windows and doors from the rain. So if it happens to rain on the weekend of the BBQ there’s no issue. Simple extend your awning out over your patio and enjoy your outdoor entertainment area in any weather.

Transform your space in seconds

What’s fantastic about awnings is that you don’t have to have them up permanently. This means that when you are finished entertaining outdoors, you can simple fold it up to allow for more sunlight to enter your home, or to allow for a better view of your garden from inside your home.

A cost effective solution

Awnings are extremely cost effective and are a great option if you want to provide shelter for an outdoor area but do not want to spend thousands upon thousands on a permanent outdoor construction. They give you what you need when you need it, and if you ever want to open up the space, they fold away with ease, unlike something that’s permanent that can’t be moved.

In the same way that roller blinds are a classic solution to window coverings inside the home, awnings make the perfect accompaniment to the outside of your windows and can really help to extend the life of your patio with shading and shelter when required.

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