Choosing The Best Outdoor Privacy Screen – Your Guide

Blue external privacy screen for backyard

There are many benefits of suburban living. But feeling like you don’t have enough privacy from your neighbours isn’t one of them. 

From backyards to balconies, privacy screens are the perfect solution to create a comfortable, welcoming and most importantly, private outdoor space. 

But with so many types of privacy screens on offer, it’s hard to know what’s right for your space. 

To narrow down your options and find a model that best suits your needs, consider asking yourself these 6 questions.  

6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Outdoor Privacy Screens

1. Do You Want A Fixed Or Retractable Model?

Want to keep your area secluded 24/7? Look into a fixed wooden or steel privacy screen that you won’t ever have to move or retract. 

Plants like Gold Bamboo and Photinia also make great natural privacy screens that only improve over time. Not to mention, they add a touch of greenery and softness to your space. 

For those who want the luxury to enjoy both uninterrupted views and total privacy, look into a retractable model like Helioscreen’s Sideline Privacy Screen. Opening and closing in seconds, Helioscreen’s privacy screen allows you to achieve varying levels of privacy to perfectly match your outdoor surroundings.  

2. Is The Model Weather Resistant?

If you’re installing a privacy screen near the ocean or in an area exposed to the elements, look for a model made from wind and corrosion resistant componentry. This will prevent damage from rust, rain or strong winds. 

Helioscreen’s privacy screens are specially designed for Australian conditions. They’re made with concealed fixings, corrosion resistant materials and have three different high-quality external fabric ranges to choose from.  

3. How Much Coverage Do You Need?

Blue external privacy screen for backyard

Will you be sheltering a small patio or terrace? Or an expansive balcony or garden? This will narrow down what models are suitable for your space. 

For example, a retractable privacy screen is the ideal solution for a small balcony. It’ll keep your space private when you need and retract away into a discreet enclosure when not in use.  

Helioscreen’s privacy screens have a maximum projection of 4m wide and 2.5m high, so they’re suitable for balconies, terraces and gardens of all sizes.  

4. What Colour Will Suit Your Space?

Do you want your privacy screen to add a pop of colour, or blend seamlessly into its surroundings?  

Regardless, you’ll want to look for a supplier that can customise the colour of your privacy screen to match the aesthetics of your space.  

Helioscreen for example, offer a wide range of designer colours and external fabrics, so there’s something to perfectly compliment any outdoor area.  

5. What Are Your Council Rules & Regulations?

Not all privacy screens require council approval, although it’s typically best practice to check with your local body anyway to avoid any fines or complaining neighbours. 

Even if you don’t need approval, certain regulations must be met. These include:  

  • It must not be higher than 2.5 metres above the existing ground level  
  • It must not be longer than 5 metres  
  • Needs to be located at least 900 millimetres from each lot boundary  
  • Must not be attached to a boundary fence or retaining wall 

6. What Is The Supplier Warranty?

When choosing a privacy screen for your home or business, look for a vendor that offers a quality product built to last.  

A generous warranty is a good indication that the supplier stands behind the quality of their product. Helioscreen for example, offer a full 5 year warranty on the system and fabric for your peace of mind. 

Why Consider Outdoor Privacy Screens?

External privacy screen for outdoor seating area

Curious about the benefits outdoor privacy screens offer? Three of their most notable advantages include: 

  • They offer shelter from the elements: Privacy screens offer protection from mild wind and rain, especially when paired with a retractable roof or awning, so you can enjoy the outdoors, no matter the weather.  
  • They keep your space cool: Strategically placing a privacy screen over western-facing decks and balconies will keep your space cool and comfortable during hot summer afternoons.  
  • They protect your outdoor furniture: Reducing the severity of UV rays, privacy screens help prevent the sun bleaching or damaging your outdoor furnishings. 

Choose Australia’s Leading Outdoor Privacy Screen Supplier

Asking yourself the above questions will help narrow down your choices and select an outdoor privacy screen that best suits your needs. 

When it comes to retractable privacy screens for residential applications, Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier. Contact us today for more information.  

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