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Whether for recreation, relaxation or hosting a party, having a swimming pool at home or any property offers absolute convenience. It allows you to have quality time with family without having to go elsewhere creating a kid-friendly hangout space. However, spending too much time out in the open sun and being exposed to harmful UV rays can have dangerous consequences like severe sunburn or, worse, skin cancer. 

Opting to have pool shades installed enables you to have all the fun without worrying about sun damage. It offers excellent protection even with prolonged sun exposure, especially if you live in extreme climates. Other favourable factors why you should install pool shades include:

Keeps The Pool Cooler

If you have installed a pool shade, heat from the sun is not directly in contact with the pool water. 

Offers Privacy

Pool shades are a great way of blocking the view to your swimming pool from your neighbour’s terrace. 

Prevents Skin Problems

The combined effect of sun exposure and chlorine in the water causes skin irritation or skin damage.

Keeps The Pool Clean

No bird droppings and undesirable debris can make their way into the pool that is covered with shade.

Great Update 

If your pool area is becoming boring and out of trend, pool shading can be a big update or poolside addition to making your pool area aesthetically pleasing. 

Looking to install pool shading anytime soon? Here are the best pool shade ideas tailored to meet your requirements and style:

Shade sails 

Just like a sailboat, shade sails harness a similar design for beauty and ingenuity at your pool area. It’s the same as a boat’s sail except that it’s attached to an outdoor structure to form a canopy. Each sail is mounted to a steel post and tightened so it won’t flap or move even in wind speeds. It has unique shapes and angles giving your pool area a modern and stylish look. Aside from that, this shading has various materials and colours and is easy to set up. The downside of shade sails is that they give varying shade, requiring several shades to cover the entire section of your pool.


If you don’t want to shade the pool itself but still want a refuge from the sun, a pergola can be a great option. Pergolas are designed as semi-permanent structures that are great for sunny weather. They provide enough shade and light over your pool and make a great visual centrepiece. However, you will need a substantial space in your backyard to build one. The good thing about Helioscreen’s vario pergola is that it can be installed using wall or ceiling brackets and doesn’t require a classical substructure, as it supports itself on 60x60mm square front posts.

Retractable awnings

A retractable awning is one practical solution for your pool’s shade providing excellent weather protection. A motorised retractable awning is fully automated allowing you to extend it when you need shade and retract it when you don’t. It provides an instant shade without breaking a sweat! What makes retractable awnings great is that they can fully cover your pool giving maximum protection from the sun and keeping your pool clean from debris. If you are looking for a pool shade with style and loads of functionality built-in, you must consider installing a retractable awning. However, all convenience you get from this shading comes with a price, for it often demands high maintenance. 

Retractable roof

A retractable roof as a pool cover can create an indoor environment and an all-in-one solution for heat, rain and light control adding architectural style to your home. It can transform the pool area into an indoor pool that you can use as a year-round pool. Helioscreen retractable roofs can withstand weather conditions. Folding it away at the touch of the button guarantees convenience ensuring users can get the most out of their pool area by offering the ultimate flexibility of opening or closing the system. Made from architectural grade aluminium and stainless steel fixtures, retractable roofs ensure smooth operation and high durability. This kind of shading is convenient, easy to operate, and stylish, with programmable timers, sun and wind sensors but is significantly expensive and requires high maintenance. 

Retractable Sunroof

This option offers a dynamic sun protection system that gives you more flexibility and freedom to enjoy the pool area, ensuring that both the exterior appearance of the building and the view from within are not compromised. A retractable sunroof is typically used to shade generously sized, square and rectangular areas. The awning is extended by employing an integral positive lift, which pulls the fabric out to be stopped in any position.


Canopies are big enough to cover your entire pool as well as its surrounding areas, making them the most suitable choice for large above-ground and temporary pools. Instant canopies are affordable, portable and easy to assemble. They can be set up when you need shade and collapse them when you don’t. They are effective in blocking the heat of the sun. However, they provide limited space and are not recommended for large in-ground pools.

With any of the pool covering ideas mentioned above, you can enjoy limitless time spent in an incredible outdoor space like your pool area! Just make sure to take your time to study your options, especially when it comes to building permanent structures for your pool shades. Choose the one that best fits your property, type of pool and budget. You can browse a range of Helioscreen outdoor shade solutions for your outdoor spaces.  

Should you require any assistance with your pool shading needs, a Helioscreen consultant would love to speak to you. Contact us today!

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