Choosing Retractable Awnings For Your Deck

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Deck areas are meant to be enjoyed, but when you’re at the mercy of the elements it’s hard to make the most out of it. Retractable awnings reduce glare, protect furniture and make your deck area an enjoyable space all year round. Choosing the best retractable awning for your deck not only provides shade and comfort, but it’ll also last for years to come.  

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing retractable awnings for your deck.  

What are the Benefits of Retractable Awnings?  

Light control, weather protection and comfort – what’s not to love? Retractable awnings give users the flexibility to control light and keep you dry and protected from rain, hail and shine. Here’s why:  

They are cost-effective: During the summer months, the UV resistant fabric not only protects the area from the harsh heat but also keeps your indoor areas cool. No need to worry about running the air conditioner all day. Some retractable awnings feature a cassette enclosure to protect the awning when not in use, extending the awnings lifetime.  

They protect your furniture: The weather is not always kind. Whether it’s rainfall or prolonged sun exposure, the elements can take a toll on your outdoor furniture. Retractable awnings not only protect the area, but your furniture will be safe from sun and rain damage.  

They will last: Some retractable awnings feature a cassette enclosure to give users the flexibility to use the awning when they desire. When not in use, the awning will retract into either a full or semi-cassette enclosure to protect the fabric and materials. As a result, extending the lifetime of the awning to last for years to come.  

4 Factors For Choosing Retractable Awnings for Your Deck

Your deck awning must check all the boxes: provide comfortability, convenience, style and functionality to your outdoor space. Here are 4 factors you need to consider to make sure your deck awning is a showstopper:  

Consider Your Deck Area

Before anything else, you must understand your coverage area to guide the right awning size. This will be measurable through the projection, pitch and length of the awning to ensure it does the job you intend it to. Whether you have a small courtyard, open living areas or want to utilise a detached outdoor space, your measurements need to be correct.  

The direction of the building plays a key part in the style and projection length. North and west-facing areas may require larger projections, while south or east can require less. You may also think about whether you need light control or protection from wind or rain – these will also dictate the size.  

If you’re unsure, reach out to a reputable supplier to discuss your options.  

Know What You Need

Retractable awnings aren’t one-size-fits-all. High-quality retractable awnings are custom made to suit your specific requirements and outdoor area. It’s a long-term investment, so it needs to tick the boxes: style, functionality and purpose. Understand exactly what you need your retractable awning to provide. Do you need protection from heat or glare? What is the coverage area of the deck? Consider the following:  

  • The layout of the deck area including coverage space  
  • The direction the deck is facing i.e. north, south, east or west-facing  
  • The colour scheme of the home/deck area  
  • The primary purpose i.e. glare control, control light, protect from wind etc.  

Ideally, your retractable awning should be versatile, protecting from the weather while creating a functional outdoor space. If you are planning on using your awning daily, consider opting for automation and motorisation features so you can control the elements with ease at your convenience.  

Choose a High-Quality Fabric 

Fabrics are more about choosing the right colour. They not only have to look good and suit your home’s aesthetic but they also have to handle weather conditions. You can choose from cotton, solution-dyed acrylic, eco-friendly fabrics or micro-perforated.  

Whatever you decide, choosing a high-quality fabric that can withstand the elements and is easy to maintain is invaluable. The right fabric for you should reflect the purpose of the awning as well as your budget, so consider the following:   

  • UV resistance  
  • Level of heat and light/glare control  
  • Colours and patterns 
  • Level of water resistance 
  • Anti-fungal material  
  • Ease of maintenance  

To ensure you make the best choice for your deck area, reach out to a reputable supplier to custom make your awning to suit your outdoor space.  

A Little Extra Can Go a Long Way 

It’s the little things that count. Additional features to your deck awning can make all the difference when it comes to customising your outdoor area. Motorised or automated features, wind or sun sensors, remote control operations and timers allow users to control the elements with ease and convenience.  

Best Retractable Awnings for Your Deck  

Here are some popular retractable awnings to suit any home deck area:  

Helioscreen Full Cassette 

The full-cassette has everything you need: maximum protection and a stylish design for any deck area. The Helioscreen full-cassette fully retracts into a cassette enclosure, protecting the fabric and awning mechanisms. This means it is kept safe and secure until it is ready for use again. As a result, the cassette fully protects the awning from erosion, dirt and salt, so it can last for years.  

It has an installation angle between 5-40° and comes in over 120 fabrics and frame colours. It has a specialised Multiflex power band consisting of four tear-resistant steel cables fitted with plastic material for erosion protection. This means the awning will have adequate tensioning while allowing flexibility during windy conditions.  

White retractable awning for modern outdoor balcony

The Rubix Cassette  

The Rubix Cassette includes a square-case cassette perfectly designed to be mounted on a flat surface and modern facades. Its rectangular design creates a stylish addition to any modern home and deck area.  

The Rubix Cassette is suitable for Australia’s tough conditions with a Multiflex 4-cable arm system to ensure fabric tautness with daily, extensive and heavy use. Its installation angle spans from 5-40° and comes in over 100 fabrics and frame colours. 

Folding Arm Awning Brisbane

Helioscreen Fabric Cassette  

The Fabric Cassette is an open style awning with the ability to protect the fabric and awning materials from the elements. It also features an adjustable head, so that the arms retract on the underside of the cassette.  

With a specialised Multiflex power band with four tear-resistant steel cables fitted with corrosion protection material, the Fabric Cassette is highly durable with an elegant style. It also has an installation angle from 5-45° and comes in over 100 fabrics and frame colours.  

Helioscreen supplies a wide range of retractable awnings custom made to enhance any deck area.  

best retractable awning


 Choose Australia’s Quality Retractable Awning Supplier

The right awning for your deck makes a more comfortable experience for your family and brings life and functionality to your property’s exterior.  

When choosing an awning for your home, it’s important to prioritise a durable and functional retractable awning that will provide a long-lasting shade solution custom made to your outdoor area.  Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of retractable awnings for a variety of residential buildings. Contact us for more information. 

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