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When dressing your windows, the first and main thing to consider is light control and privacy. Once you have covered those bases you can begin to consider the design elements of your roller blinds, glides or screens.

Slim-line window treatments like shade screens and blinds don’t have to spell ultra modern or minimalist décor. With such a great choice of fabrics and materials you can create the perfect look in your home to match your walls and furniture. By keeping in mind design elements such as colour, texture and impact you will be able to create the look you want for your windows.


Whatever window treatment you choose will have an impact on the room. Large rooms with expansive windows might require clever dressing when it comes to making sure the windows don’t get lost and allow enough privacy. By using screens and blinds to the best effect, a homeowner can ensure that enough coverage is provided and a smooth visual line is achieved.

In smaller rooms, the impact of window treatments is significant. In small rooms with small windows, clever selection of positioning and colour can make the illusion of larger windows. By positioning the blind slightly above the top of the window, one can elongate the visual line of the window, therefore creating the illusion of larger windows.


Texture is another one of those design elements that effectively impact on the size of a room. In small rooms, it is best to stay away from heavily textured materials and fabrics as this draws attention to the closeness of the room, rather stick to plain, light textures in light, neutral colours.


Contrast is a basic element of design that will achieve a pleasing aesthetic to any room. The colour wheel is a perfect example of how contrasting colours are usually the most striking and effective choice in design.

While modern homes do benefit from simple colours and sleek designs, some homes need a little more flair and consideration when looking at window treatments.

On the other hand, if your window frame is highly decorative, or perhaps the glass contains fussy leadlight features, then it would be wise to contrast these flourishes with simple, plain blinds.

It is true that when dressing your window in a traditional or dynamic fashion then many of these style elements must come into play, and careful decisions have to be made. However with many houses, particularly modern, sleek interiors and slick black or metallic window frames will require simple choices in blinds and screens, with an essentially utilitarian look that will complement without embellishing the windows.

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