The Benefits Of Panel Glides

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Sliding panels were originally a Japanese architectural feature. They became so popular that they’re now standard throughout the world. (Even the universal “sliding door” is actually a version of a sliding panel.) That principle works very well with blinds, too. Designers love panel glides because they’re great space savers, and they can be very elegant blinds.

Panel glides go with anything

Panel glides are a slight departure from the normal hanging blinds. They include the ability to use space very efficiently and provide useful interior blinds for offices, consultation rooms, and other areas where privacy, as well as lighting, is a factor. Panel glides can be either centre opening, like sliding doors, or “concertina” stacks to one side, usually operated by a wand or cord. They’re also filters, as much as traditional blinds.

They’re also versatile. Panel glides can be used for windows up to 6 metres in size. That’s a lot of space, perfect for even the huge windows now being installed in the upmarket housing and commercial markets. It’s no exaggeration to say there’s not much panel glides can’t do, in terms of coverage. They’ve become extremely popular partly for this reason.

Styles, looks, and choices

One of the other reasons panel glides are so popular is that they’re extremely designer-friendly. Panel glides are rapidly becoming an art form in both construction and design, and the results are pretty spectacular. Designers love the flexibility of panel glides as media, and are quick to spot and use the added design possibilities.

The ability to work with a big range of fabrics is another major design strength for panel glides as great window blinds. It’s interesting to note that popularity is driving quality in this area, with demand for good fabrics adding to the design elements in panel glides.

Consumers are also provided with a very wide spectrum of design capabilities. Designer prints are real market favorites, and shopping around can be like going to an art gallery. Online shopping is a big help in this environment, allowing consumers to browse and get a good idea of what’s on the market.

Note: The online shopping can also provide so many choices that you may need help making up your mind. One phone call to a supplier can also provide you with a lot of useful information about making your selection and answering any questions you may have.

Customizing your panel glides

If there’s one particular area in which panel glides excel, it’s their ability to be customized for any type of functional or design purpose. Their high adaptability to any interior situations makes them a first choice, even in the most demanding settings. All that’s really required are the size specifications.

The functional range, style and design capabilities of panel glides are appreciated by consumers, designers and manufacturers alike. It’s made the panel glides an all-purpose working solution for family homes and the most upmarket businesses. There’s no real limit to the possibilities with panel glides. Check out the range and see what’s possible.

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