How Does A Retractable Roof Work?

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From home backyards to football stadiums, retractable roofs are a popular addition to protect against unpredictable weather. As their popularity has grown throughout the last few years, so has the complexity of operation, from simple systems to ultra-sleek, automated designs. 

In this article we’ll look at what a retractable roof is, the different ways they work and how to choose the right one for your space.

What Is A Retractable Roof?

A retractable roof is a flexible roofing system designed to open or close to suit your needs, allowing the space to be fully sheltered or exposed to the elements. 

Ideal for courtyards, balconies, restaurants and commercial facilities, a retractable roof easily transforms an outdoor space into a functional room in any weather. They can open up to reveal the sky and close just as quickly to offer protection from the sun, wind and rain.

So, How Do They Work? 

There are many different types of retractable roofs on the market, ranging from fabric canopies to sports stadium roofs. While these systems all work differently, there are two common methods of operation for all – motorised and automated. Let’s take a look at each and how they work.

Motorised Systems

Motorised retractable roofs take convenience to a whole new level. Operational via a remote control or wall switch, they utilise a motor to extend or retract the roof at the touch of a button.  

Helioscreen’s retractable roofs operate via a motorised front fabric support bar that pulls the fabric out when the system is deployed, and pulls the fabric bars backwards when retracted. The effect is that the fabric is taught when out and concertinas when closed.  

These systems are commonly seen covering anything from residential patios and pools to commercial bars and restaurants.

Automated Systems

Automated retractable roofs operate much the same as their motorised counterparts – however they come with a few extra features. Typically integrated into the building and operational via a wall switch or smartphone app, these automated systems can be programmed to open or close the roof at certain times of day.  

Additional automation features include sun, wind and rain sensors that allow your retractable roof to react automatically to the weather. As soon as the sun comes out they extend the roof and if strong winds or rain threatens, they retract the roof – all without you having to lift a finger.  

These systems are particularly common in the commercial space, ideal for sheltering restaurants, cafes and bars.  

What Retractable Roof Is Right For You? 

With different operational methods on the market, you might be wondering what retractable roof is best for your home or business. Let’s take a look.

For Residential Applications

If you’re after an effortless protection from the elements, you can’t go wrong with a motorised retractable roof. Operational via a remote control or wall switch, motorised systems allow for dynamic sun and rain control at the touch of a button. 

While motorised systems are the operation method of choice for residential applications, for lovers of home automation, automated retractable roofs are also an option.

For Commercial Applications

During a busy service, the last thing your staff have time for is to manually extend or retract shading systems based on the weather. So, for commercial applications, a motorised or automated retractable roof would be the optional method of choice, allowing your roof to extend or retract effortlessly within seconds.

Choose Australia’s Leading Retractable Roof Supplier 

When choosing a retractable roof for your home or business, it’s important to prioritise a durable and functional system that will provide long-lasting protection for your outdoor area.  Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of retractable roofs for a variety of residential and commercial buildings. Contact us for more information. 

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