How Much Do Folding Arm Awnings Cost?

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This is a question on par with ‘how long is a piece of string’, there are a great variety of prices and products when it comes to awnings and outdoor shade options and lots of variable elements when it comes to how much you will need to pay and what exactly you’re paying for. So let’s dive in and talk about how much do awnings cost?

What affects the final cost of an awning? In order to get an idea of the costs involved in installing an awning, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Things to Consider

When you weigh up what kind of awning you’re after and what kind of cost you’d be up for, you’ll need to consider these factors:

  • Will you be doing a DIY installation or using a qualified installer?
  • Do you need to specify a width to suit your property?
  • What kind of material do you require?
  • Do you need your awning to be retractable or stay in place?
  • Will you require automation?
  • Length of warranty

So, How Much do awnings cost?

There are several ways to buy an awning, you can purchase online or through an ‘off the shelf retailer’, or you can purchase from an experienced installer who will walk you through the selection process.

You could also be selecting your awning with the assistance of an architect. So what is the difference?

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Installing an Awning

Folding Arm Awning Brisbane

Another element of the cost of an awning will be the installation. Do you want to be installing the awning yourself? The off the shelf option requires you to install the awning, and let’s be honest; this can sometimes be more of a headache than its worth.

If you’d prefer to leave it up to the experts, then a bespoke solution would be the most suitable option. In this case, you’ll be in the hands of a qualified installer, and you’ll have the opportunity to choose your awning’s projection, width, pitch, colours & style. There would also be an installation fee included or on top of your quote from your supplier.

The fee might range from $400 for a simple small system, to well over $1000 for larger or more complicated installations.

Also remember that any electrical work will need to be carried out by a licensed electrician, and may cost anywhere from $250 to $1000 or even more, depending on the specific works being undertaken.

Off the Shelve Vs Custom Made Awnings

You can buy an off the shelf option from a homewares/hardware store for anywhere from $100 for a non-retractable polycarbonate/plastic awning, to upwards of a few thousand dollars for a retracting awning with a choice of awning fabrics, built to your specifications.

For the lower end of the scale, you’d be looking at a fixed or manual option that is prefabricated without a choice of colour matching and fabric choice (other than a few simple options) and only a few size options. The main difference is the level of choice of colours and materials, and the quality of components.

Custom made awnings from reputable top quality manufacturers, can range anywhere from $2700 for a small manually operated folding arm awning, to over $10,000 for a top of the range, large motorised electric system.

Automation Costs

There are a range of options for automation that make the operation of an awning all the more easy. Things such as wall switches, remote control, sun / wind and rain sensors, and building management systems. These inclusions will need to be considered when talking to an authorised dealer.

Wall switches are located inside the house and look similar to a light switch. They can be supplied by an electrician, or ordered with the awning from a good quality supplier, and may add anything from approx $25 to $100 per switch to the cost.

Remote controls are a popular choice for controlling a motorised awning.

They can be used inside, or taken outside so that the shade system can be controlled from wherever is most convenient. A remote control may add approx $100 to the price.

External weather sensors such as Sun / Wind, or Rain sensors can be used to automatically deploy or retract the awning to help protect it when the weather turns bad, or for utilising the product to its fullest potential. Sensors can add $300 or more in cost to your project.

Building management systems (BMS), can be used to control many electrical functions in a modern home, including blinds and awnings. This would need to be set up by an electrician and may cost many thousands of dollars.

What About warranties?

A DIY solution will have an approximate warranty of one to three years, whereas a tailored solution will offer you a warranty of 5 years (with an expected life-span of far longer). So it’s worth considering the longevity of your awning when making your purchase decision and asking  questions about price. Do you want the awning to be a long term investment?

As with any significant purchase, it is always good to consider a quote made famous by Aldo Gucci “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”.

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