How To Choose Café Awnings | Your Complete Guide

Retractable awning adding shade for outdoor restaurant

Cafe awnings are a great way to maximise your outdoor seating area and protect customers from changing weather conditions. If you want to extend your outdoor area, you need to choose the right cafe awning to optimise your dining space as well as enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business.  

To help get you started, here is your complete guide on how to choose the right cafe awning. 

5 Factors to Consider For Your Cafe Awning 

In most cases, cafe awnings serve two primary purposes: aesthetic appeal and protecting customers from Australia’s changeable weather conditions. With this being said, installing your cafe awnings may serve a variety of applications, such as:   

  • Entry or pathway shading  
  • Courtyard protection  
  • Alfresco dining spaces  
  • Window awnings for privacy  
  • Glare control  
  • Weather protection  
  • Self-supporting awnings  

Cafe awnings are a great tool to draw in business, promote your brand and protect customers from rain, hail or shine. Whatever your primary motivator is, understanding its purpose will help ensure your cafe awning ticks the boxes you need it to.  

Once you do this, you can begin to sift through the finer details to choose a cafe awning that suits your clientele, budget and business goals. These may include:  

  • Awning style  
  • Awning size  
  • Colours and fabrics  
  • Awning type  
  • Features and fittings    

It’s All About Style 

Aesthetic appeal draws customers into your cafe – it can be a calling card or branding tool, so your first choice should be what you want your awning to look like. 

Because awning style largely depends on the building exterior, cafe location, or even theme, what you decide, must make sense. Your options may include installing a fixed design, retractable awning, or a dome style – whatever you choose, ensure your awning encompasses practicality, functionality and design.  

Think about the awnings overall purpose and where you want to install it – you can also reach out to a reputable awning supplier to discuss your options with an expert team.  

Make Sure Your Awning Fits

When it comes to cafe awnings, size matters. Factors like the coverage area and the space available are essential if you want to provide premium weather protection.  

Whatever you decide, awning size has a variety of components you will need to factor in, including the width, projection and pitch. The direction of the building and the exterior design will also guide the size of the awning.  

If your outdoor area is an extension of the building, then attaching a wall-mounted awning to the exterior is a viable option. On the other hand, if the outdoor space is detached from the building then a pergola roof system may be needed. If in doubt, speak to a reputable awning supplier for expert advice.  

Choose a Standout Fabric 

The key to a standout cafe awning is all about the colour and fabrics. Awning fabrics can include cotton, solution-dyed acrylic, eco-friendly manufactured or micro-perforated to suit a variety of applications. While there are many fabrics options available, it is important to consider the following:  

  • Do you require heat and light control/UV resistant fabric?  
  • Do you want your fabric to be transparent?  
  • Do you require water resistance fabric?  
  • What colour fabric will suit the decor?  

Factor in the cafe location and the exposure to direct sunlight, as well as whether the fabric is easy to clean, fire retardant and water-resistant. Some suppliers offer over 150 colours and patterns to choose from, each made with durable water and UV resistant materials.  

If you’re unsure, ensure that you choose a supplier that can customise your awning to suit the aesthetic of your cafe and guide you to choosing the best fabric option to suit your needs.  

Fixed or Retractable? 

Fixed awnings are permanently in place without the ability to move or retract. While fixed awnings can provide shade, protection and privacy, they are less flexible and are always exposed to the elements. 

Retractable awnings give business owners the flexibility to only use the awning when needed and are usually automated or motorised. You can either adjust the awning using a manual crank or control via remote control, wall switch or a device. This allows more control over heat, light and glare while ensuring customers are well looked after in all weather conditions.  

Some retractable awnings, like Helioscreen’s Full-Cassette Awning, fully enclose the awning after use, ensuring optimum longevity and durability. Helioscreen produces a wide range of retractable awnings to complement any outdoor cafe setting.  

Keep Your Customer’s Happy with Additional Features  

Additional features of any cafe awning will enhance any customers dining experience. This may include opting for motorised or automated wind or sun sensors, remote control operations, timers and retractable features.  

If you opt for awning accessories, ensure that your supplier can provide a range of motorisation and automation systems to guarantee a reliable, smooth operation.  

Choose Australia’s Quality Retractable Awning Supplier

The right cafe awning makes a more comfortable experience for customers and brings life to your building exterior. It’s an investment designed to increase revenue and expand the functionality of your cafe space.  

When choosing your cafe awning, it’s important to prioritise a durable and functional retractable awning that will provide a long-lasting shade solution custom made to your business’s outdoor area.  Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of retractable awnings for a variety of commercial buildings. Contact us for more information.  


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