Modern Home Renovation Ideas

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Modernising your home is a smart way to make it not only more comfortable and convenient, but also considerably more valuable. People expect a lot of modern features in their homes these days, so if you ever hope to sell your place, you had better get with the times. The following are some of the ways you can update your home without ruining its old-school charm and character.


The best way to make your home look modern — but not trashy — is to put on a couple of fresh coats of paint. To avoid messing with the character of your place, repaint it in its original colours. Unless you happen to be a professional painter yourself, it’s a good idea to get experts in to do the job, as any house with a poor paint job will lose any character that it had.

Handles and railings

Some of the classier touches on a house are its quality door handles and railings, so if you’re hoping to maintain the character of your home, don’t change these. Painting the cupboards or doors may be a great way to mix things up, but keep the original handles as these and your railings help define the character of your place.

Security upgrades

Utilising mechanisms such as PE beams for your home security will mean that your home has the latest in modern security, without having it look like a jail. You can even set up a PE beam defence barrier on the perimeter of your property, so you’ll know the minute someone has entered — long before they’re close enough to do any damage to your home, let alone get inside. Outdoor awnings and motorised blinds can also be good ways to upgrade security without interfering with your home’s look or character.


If you want to modernise your home but keep its look and character at the same time, a good place to start is the kitchen. Modern kitchen appliances specialise in being small and unobtrusive, so getting the latest appliances won’t have to mean your kitchen looks like a spaceship. Being able to have all the latest home features while maintaining your home’s classic character will put your place in an elite and desirable category.


If you want to modernise your home’s lighting system, don’t touch those beautiful old bulbs and fixtures! Instead, have a dimmer switch or motion sensors installed; this way you can have a classic look combined with modern convenience. Your lighting can do a lot for the look and feel of your home, so keep those beautiful old lights and start using them more effectively.

There’s a real art to modernising something without completely changing its look, feel or character. If you can pull it off, you will have created a very desirable and valuable combination. An old-style home doesn’t have to mean going without all the latest in modern conveniences; you just have to find ways to ensure your upgrades don’t take over the entire look of your home.

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