Types Of Roller Blinds

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Roller blinds are like a secret weapon for designers. They’re light managers, and very efficient. They’re also easy to customize and you can truly remodel any space with them. Designers use them for upgrading businesses and offices.

Roller blinds basics

Roller blinds are big ticket items for interior design because they deal with a whole range of interior design issues. The big modern blinds aren’t particularly cheap, but they provide a lot of value:

  • Lighting: These blinds are used to deal with light issues in large areas. They’re easy to install and operate, so areas with morning or afternoon lighting issues can be managed very effectively.
  • Décor: Modern businesses need an upmarket look, and that’s exactly what Roller blinds deliver. The blinds come in a vast range of optional colours and sizes, and can match any sort of interior design seamlessly.
  • Operation: The blinds are raised or lowered manually, using a steel chain, or electrically by remote control.
  • Types of roller blinds

The basic types of roller blinds are:

  • Sunscreens Sun blockers, used for areas which receive a lot of direct sunlight.
  • Translucent Semi-permeable blinds, allowing a specific amount of light in. These are generally used in high end décor, and include some of the classic design motif styles.
  • Blockout These are heavy duty blinds used to deal with major lighting issues, also designer-style, but with this added function.

Roller blinds and design options

The big design advantages of roller blinds have become more obvious as the big modern window style has taken over. The size and light issues in these new buildings are quite different propositions, and they also affect the interior environment. Sunlight and heat can be extremely destructive inside buildings, destroying fabrics and damaging temperature sensitive electronics. The radiant heat from the sun continually heats the interior atmosphere, which in large buildings can also create health risks. Heating can cause dehydration, breathing distress, and make the environment unlivable.

Managing these issues also includes managing the look of the premises. In modern office buildings, particularly skyscrapers, a lot of expensive décor has to be tailored to taste, and that includes the blinds. There have to be a lot of design possibilities in this market. Modern roller blinds are made with tough synthetics like acrylics and polyesters. These polymers react consistently to temperatures, expanding and contracting reliably.

Design and function are inseparable. In the case of roller blinds, their design is their function. Their light and heat blocking capabilities are built into them. The other major issue, “The Look”, is directly related to their design. Translucent roller blinds, for example, provide interior lighting as well as block it out.

The best approach to design sometimes is to innovate, and that’s what the new roller blinds do best. They’re a very flexible design medium, and they can be adapted to any environment. They’ve become the preferred option in many commercial buildings and places like restaurants, which depend on their décor as part of their image.

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