The Importance of Tensioned Outdoor Blinds

Tensioned Outdoor Blinds

Having built-in tension is an important factor in making sure your outdoor blinds remain sturdy during variable weather conditions. Read on to find out why tensioned outdoor blinds are a great choice for your outdoor setting.  

Tensioning Outdoor Blinds: What Does it Mean? 

Outdoor blinds are designed to protect outdoor areas from the sun and withstand different weather conditions. Tensioning your outdoor blinds keeps the fabric flatter and freer from motion during use. This means no loose fabric and less wrinkling.  

All outdoor blinds are designed with some form of weighted bottom rail to provide stability and tautness to the fabric. Quality suppliers offer outdoor blind products with bottom rails that are more heavy-set that “self-tensions” the blind. Under most circumstances, this heavy-set weight is ample for a durable, high-performed outdoor blind in regular weather conditions.  

To ensure the bottom rail cannot sway too much in breezy conditions, optional lock-down clips or latches are available. If the fabric is slightly retracted while the lock-down clips are attached, the fabric can be further tensioned for additional stability. You can achieve this by using a manual crank winder, a spring-loaded mechanism or some types of motors.  

There are also advanced blind systems that are available that are both motorised and also deployed under spring tension using pulling tapes and heavy-duty springs. Because they remain taut throughout the duration of their deployment they can be installed at any vertical or horizontal angle.  

What are the Benefits of Tensioned Outdoor Blinds?  

Installing an outdoor blind system with in-built tension ensures complete sun control and privacy while remaining in place and secure during varying weather conditions. Here are some of the benefits of tensioned outdoor blinds:  

  • The fabric stays taut and in place during use 
  • Reduces risk of shaking and blowing 
  • No need to continually adjust or loosen
  • Helps to prevent damage during tough weather changes  
  • Extends the lifespan of the outdoor blind 

Australia’s Most Popular Outdoor Blinds 

Helioscreen is one of Australia’s most reputable suppliers of architectural sun screening systems. Helioscreen’s range of tensioned outdoor blinds and external screens are designed to withstand Australia’s tough conditions while complementing any external facade. For more information, contact us today.  

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