3 Types Of Roller Blinds (& What’s Best For You)

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Roller blinds are a popular choice for window treatments. But with so many styles and types to choose from, it’s hard to know what’s right for your space.  

Luckily, we’ve created this simple guide on 3 of the most popular types of roller blinds and what applications they suit best.  

Here’s what you need to know. 

3 Popular Types Of Roller Blinds

1. Single Roller Blinds

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Sleek, practical and stylish, single roller blinds are the ideal window covering for any residential or commercial building.  

Consisting of a single layer of fabric that rolls up and down, they’re the most popular type of roller blind on the market. They take up little room but have maximum impact on the aesthetics and usability of a space.  

Single roller blinds are also extremely versatile, available in a selection of sunscreen, translucent or blackout fabrics: 

Translucent Blinds

Translucent blinds are completely opaque, offering 24/7 privacy while still allowing sunlight throughout the day. Blocking out uncomfortable heat and glare, they’re an ideal window dressing for bedrooms, meeting rooms and home offices.  

Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen blinds have the unique ability to reduce heat, glare and maintain privacy, without losing visibility outside. They work well in living rooms, offices and restaurants, keeping the uncomfortable heat out in summer and retaining the warmth in winter.  

2. Double Roller Blinds

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Combining two fabric choices in a stylish, slimline bracket, double roller blinds bring the best of both worlds. Often called ‘day night blinds’, double roller blinds typically consist of a light filtering sunscreen or translucent blind and a blackout blind in a single system. 

They’re the perfect window blind for spaces where lighting and privacy requirements change throughout the day, such as bedrooms, nurseries and living areas. Providing a double layer of insulation, they also enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of your space.  

3. Blackout Blinds

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When near total light block is required, blackout blinds are the best window dressing for the job. With specially designed headboxes, compressible brush seals and aluminium side channels, blackout blinds take your space from light filled to near complete darkness in seconds. They’re perfectly suited to home theatres, boardrooms, bedrooms and nurseries. 

In addition to blocking light, blackout blinds are excellent for thermal insulation. They reflect heat and UV rays in summer and help retain warmth during winter, enhancing the energy efficiency of your home.  

Blackout fabrics are also entirely opaque, so they’ll keep your space private no matter the time of night (or day). 

Choose Australia’s Leading Roller Blind Supplier

To ensure your roller blinds stay beautiful and functional for years to come, you’ll want to purchase from a reputable supplier like Helioscreen.  

All Helioscreen roller blinds come with a full 5 year warranty on the motor, fabric and hardware for your peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.  

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