Automated Retractable Roof Systems

The Project

Why Helioscreen Retractable Sunroofs work

The Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) in Newcastle, New South Wales has incorporated four Varioscreen cassette retractable roof systems with Helioscreen sunscreen mesh.

Helioscreen retractable roof systems are fully automated, and are controlled by a single touch remote control and automatic wind control sensors.

Systems used at the HMRI were custom made and manufactured in three weeks. Due to early design works and simple installation, the Varioscreen retractable systems were installed in just one day.

By using the retractable roof systems in the centre, strong sun is blocked, along with a reduction in heat and glare in outdoor areas and parts of the building which have used a glass roof.

A conjoined project between Denton Corker Architects and Cockram Constructions, the $90 million building began construction in 2010 and was completed early this year.

Opened on September 28, the 16,000 square metre building brings together more than 450 medical researchers from the University of Newcastle and Hunter New England Health.

It is the most modern medical research centre in the world and houses teams of researchers seeking cures for cancer, brain and mental health issues, and heart disease. It will also facilitate vital research into pregnancy and reproduction, viruses, infections, immunity, vaccines and asthma, information-based medicine and public health.

The building received funding from the Australian Governmnet, NSW Government and the University of Newcastle.

Helioscreen retractable roof systems have also been featured in shopping centres and residential developments.

casetsudy automated retractable roof systems 1 Helioscreen
casetsudy automated retractable roof systems 3 Helioscreen
casetsudy automated retractable roof systems 2 Helioscreen

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