Retractable Sunroof Installation Sydney

The Project

Why choose a Helioscreen Retractable Sunroof installation

This project based on the North Shore of Sydney had a significant shading problem. Although the existing pergola provided wet weather protection the heat of the summer sun often made the area too hot to enjoy.

The solution from Helioscreen was the Varioscreen retractable sunroof product. Fixed to the underside of the structure it enabled the owners to control the amount of sun saturation they required. This system is motorised using Somfy motorisation so the control of this system is at their fingertips.

The outdoor sunroof fabric option chosen was from the Helio 100 range which is a highly water resistant 100% solution dyed acrylic. This fabric provides 100% protection from the harsh UV and direct heat as well as  stylish patterns and a large range of colour options to work with any project and the surroundings.

As with all Helioscreen products the colour choice of the hardware is endless. You can chose from any of the Dulux powder coat range. This project used The colour Deep ocean to work with what was currently there.

casetsudy retractable sunroof installation sydney 1 Helioscreen
casetsudy retractable sunroof installation sydney 2 Helioscreen
casetsudy retractable sunroof installation sydney 3 Helioscreen

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