Helioscreen Retractable Awning Brisbane

The Problem

Considering the issues

This Brisbane retractable awning customer had a large backyard area with a patio but was struggling to find a product that could span the required space. The requirements were for shade protection during the summer but during the winter wanted to be able to fully retract the system to take advantage of the winter sun.

casetsudy helioscreen retractable awning brisbane 1 Helioscreen

The Solution

How we resolved the problem

The Helioshade Cassette awning was chosen in this project for its ability to span 8m in one single extrusion ,which allowed the customer to not only fully cover the balcony area but also some of the pool area. This provided extra shading when swimming in the warmer weather. The cassette awning allowed the fabric and mechanisms to be completely protected by the weather when the awning is retracted.

The Helioscreen system utilizes the highly water resistant 100% solution dyed acrylic Helio 100 fabric which provides protection from the harsh UV and heat. As well as  perfect colour blend into the surroundings.

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