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Remote Control Options

Create the ambience you want to match your setting. With the touch of a button control, you can choose to have full light, partial light, or close your blinds or awnings completely for absolute privacy.

Colour choice

The SITUO range of handheld remotes come in 4 contemporary colours to match any modern interior. So easy to use with the simple Up / Down and My (stop/favourite) buttons.

Multi Channels

Enabling the user to control up to 16 motors with one hand held remote, Multi-Channel remotes eliminate the need for separate hand held devices for different rooms or areas of the home/office space, a very convenient option for the modern family.

Timer function

The CHRONIS range of remote controls allow your blinds or awnings to be programmed to go up or down at set times each day. Why not set the bedroom blinds to go at the same time each night automatically?

Controls for External Venetian Blinds

The MODVAR range of hand held remotes come with a roller wheel that can be scrolled up and down to TILT the slats of your External Venetian Blind. Effortless control of light at the touch of a button!


Download the free myLink app to your smartphone or tablet, and enjoy supreme control of your blind or awning systems from anywhere in the home, or indeed around the world! Using a simple WiFi device plugged into a regular power outlet, this combined with the app, provides the ultimate in touch screen control for your shading needs.

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