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The Client

Considering the issues

Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood Victoria offers a best-in-class retail, dining, leisure and entertainment experience. Thanks to the new 70 Helioshade retractable awning systems installed by our local installation agents the new Ringwood town square conveniently offers shade to guests with seamless integration into the buildings many facades.

In 2014 QIC started works on stage 5 redevelopment with big plans in mind. The expansion spans 2 levels for the most part, creating new south and east malls, with an beautiful outdoor alfresco dining and entertainment area surrounding the new Ringwood Town Centre and public library space on the third / ground level.

The expansion has a strong focus on creating more outdoor dining and entertainment options for the people of Ringwood and surrounds which is why Helioscreen was invited to provide a commercial awning solution.

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The Solution

How we resolved the problem

Working closely with project architects and design team from concept stage Helioscreen Melbourne offered a number of possible solutions for the awnings before a final product was selected, now with some unique facade concepts the end results speak for themself.

Visitors to the Town Centre and alfresco dining areas are greeted with 70 Helioshade Awnings that are recessed in the facade when not in use for extra appeal to the face of the buildings.

Projecting more than 3m from the recess each system was custom made and finished with the latest Dulux electro powder coating with Helioscreen’s solution dyed acrylic fabric which is perfect for commercial applications.

The team at Helioscreen is extremely happy with the end results and would like to thank all those involved from Inhabit Group, Thinc, Skygroup, Probuild and QIC.

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Retractable Awnings Melbourne

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