Motorised Blinds Sydney

The Project

Why choose a Helioscreen Motorised Blind installation

In order to retain the spectacular harbour views, Motorised External Blinds were selected to be installed on all external balconies of the Darling Island luxury apartment complex on the shores of Sydney Harbour.

The motorised External Blinds were housed in a sleek aluminium headbox which was custom powdercoated in order to blend in with the apartment complexes colour scheme. Due to the proximity to the harbour 316 marine grade stainless steel fixings and guide wires were used. All the External Blinds have been programmed to a series of wind sensors designed to assist the protection of the blinds from wind damage and too increase the lifespan of the product.

casetsudy motorised blinds sydney 1 Helioscreen
casetsudy motorised blinds sydney 2 Helioscreen
casetsudy motorised blinds sydney 3 Helioscreen

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