Retractable Awning Hobart

The Project

Why Helioscreen Retractable Sunroof Awnings work

Helioscreen retractable sunroof awnings have recently been installed at Northgate shopping centre in Hobart, Tasmania.

The retractable awnings provide protection from soaring heat inside the centre to both shop owners and the public. Two awning systems were installed over the Coffee Club Cafe and also a Mobile Phone shop due to their location below large glass roof area.

Northgate Shopping Centre offers Hobart residents one of the largest selections of shops in Tasmania and with the newly installed internal retractable awnings provides extra protection from summer sun when needed but can also be retracted at the touch of a button when not required.

A popular option for shopping centres both inside and out Helioscreen Awnings are the perfect option for protection from the elements.

casestudy retractable awning hobart 1 Helioscreen
retractable cafe awnings
casestudy retractable awning hobart 3 Helioscreen

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