Retractable Pool Roof Brisbane

The Problem

Considering the issues

This homeowner had a widespread issue faced by practically everyone in Australia, the damaging and intense sun saturation that we all face. Australia has one of the highest UV saturation of any country result in required consideration for protecting the space we socialise in from the UV and heat for our health and welfare.

Like most homeowners with outdoor spaces, they found there was no shade cover of their stunning recreation and entertainment area, hence limiting the time in which they were able to use the space.

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The Solution

How we resolved the problem

The solution was an All-weather All seasons system from Helioscreen. The All seasons system provides both sun and rain protection when in use. Fitting Queensland’s climate, this will be used regularly to provide fantastic entertaining with its robust waterproof fabric and durable structure which will provide a comfortable environment to be in at any time of the year.

Pure series HS20

The Pure series HS20 system is a perfect application due to its durability and ability to blend seamlessly into the custom steel structure required for this application.

The Tricky Part

The installation of this system had to have some customisation to utilise the All seasons structure. The requirement was to have the system spanning all three sides of the building, so the custom steel supports were designed. This enabled the system to be incorporated into the space to span across the pool area. One of the requirements was to ensure the system was set back enough to conceal the fabric when not in use. This was easily achieved with the purpose-built system.

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