Terrigal Retractable Roof System – Central Coast NSW

The Problem

Considering the issues

A shading and all weather solution was required for the rear of this property however the requirements were for a product that is not only waterproof but also have a timber appearance for the rear of the property.

casetsudy terrigal retractable roof system central coast nsw 1 Helioscreen

The Solution

How we resolved the problem

The system that was chosen was the Helioscreen Pure HS20 series retractable roof system with white translucent fabric and integrated dimmable LED lights.

The bold timber look offset the sleek design of the Helioscreen Pure HS20 series  which integrated seamlessly in with the current area.

The Helioscreen Pure HS20 series was integrated in to a custom built blackbutt timber frame and timber clad steel post for structural strength. The overall result of the project is stunning and will withstand the elements for years to come.

The client elected to have two independent systems to allow optimal control of the area when entertaining. The inclusion of the Helioscreen integrated Dimmable LED system makes for an ideal entertaining area well into evening.

As with all Helioscreen products the full range of Dulux powder coat colours are available. This particular project the Dulux Duratec commercial grade option was chosen for it excellent resistance to salt spray due to its proximity to the ocean as this will  optimize its life span.


casetsudy terrigal retractable roof system central coast nsw 2 Helioscreen
casetsudy terrigal retractable roof system central coast nsw 3 Helioscreen

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