Retractable Sunroof Tasmania

The Project

Why Helioscreen Retractable Sunroofs work

The self supporting sunroof Vario Pergola adds a new dimension to the Helioscreen range of external sun control solutions. In this case the client required a protected area at the rear of the home allowing them to sit and take in the beautiful water views without being bothered by the sun.

This product is based on the popular Varioscreen system and comes with built in water gutters on the side channels allowing outdoor areas to be utilised in light rain.

It can be installed using wall or ceiling brackets and doesn’t require a classical substructure, as it supports itself on 60 x 60 mm square front posts.
The system on this project measures around 5.5 mts wide with a 3.5 mtr projection. It’s made with the Helioscreen Aura fabric and the hardware has been powder coated in the Dulux popular colour Dune.

The Vario-Pergola is an attractive addition to any building. Perfect for courtyards, decks and outdoor living areas.

casetsudy retractable sunroof tasmania 1 Helioscreen
casetsudy retractable sunroof tasmania 2 Helioscreen
casetsudy retractable sunroof tasmania 3 Helioscreen

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