4 Benefits Of Venetian Blinds You Need To Know

External venetian blinds for modern outdoor deck

Searching for an easy way to control heat, glare and privacy in your home? External venetian blinds may be the option for you. 

Venetian blinds are a popular addition to many homes and businesses. They’re easy to operate and let in just the right amount of light, no matter the time of day.  

Here we’ll look at 4 key benefits external venetian blinds bring to any residential or commercial property that make them well worth the investment.  

4 Notable Benefits Of Venetian Blinds

1. They’re Versatile

If you live in a busy area or have neighbours close by, external venetian blinds are the ideal window covering. They give you the luxury to let in as much or as little light as you please while still maintaining privacy. 

Their design allows you to easily angle the slats to let in full light, partial light or block it out altogether – whatever suits you. They can also be drawn all the way up to let in unobstructed light and views.  

2. Operation Is Effortless

Venetian blinds allow you to perfectly tailor your light intake at the touch of a button. Easily control them via a wall switch, hand held remote control or integrated building management system. 

For lovers of home automation, there’s also the option to add light sensors and timers. These allow your blinds to automatically react to the elements without you having to lift a finger.  

3. They’re Durable

Modern external venetian blinds for windows

When it comes to quality, Helioscreen’s external venetian blinds are market leaders.  

Made with UV resistant components and thick, extruded aluminium pelmets and rails, Helioscreen’s venetian blinds are able to withstand years of moisture and sun exposure. Their high grade stainless steel fixtures won’t rust or crack, making them ideal for homes near the ocean. 

Even better, all models come with a full 5 year warranty on the motor and hardware, so you know they’ll keep you comfortable and protected for years to come.  

4. They Keep The Heat Out

Unaffected by extreme temperatures, Helioscreen’s venetian blinds reduce the sun’s penetration by up to 90% 

They stop the sun from hitting the window, keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout Australia’s sweltering summer. They’ll also insulate your home in winter by preventing cold air from penetrating the windows. 

By improving your home’s energy efficiency, Helioscreen’s venetian blinds offer significant cost savings on your power bills.  

Choose Australia’s Leading Venetian Blind Supplier

When choosing venetian blinds for your home or business, it’s important to prioritise a durable and functional system that will provide a long-lasting shade solution.      

Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of venetian blinds for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Contact us today for more information. 

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