Best Balcony Shade Ideas

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If you want to enjoy fantastic scenery, natural sounds and the fresh air without leaving your home, balcony spaces provide you direct access to the great outdoors. Most apartment owners that do not have a backyard, normally have balconies as part of their building or structure, and we all love to make the outdoors a great place to enjoy in whichever season, or at any moment of the day.

Making your balcony space a livable and enjoyable place to unwind or entertain is very important. One of the best ways to increase the usability of the balcony is by using balcony shades. Keeping out the extremes of heat and blinding glare by using an outdoor shade product can really make the difference between having a balcony you actually use, or one that is just a place to dry out the damp towels. Balcony shades can create endless opportunities to relax, hang out, and have fun!

Difference Between Balcony and Patio

People often interchange them and refer to each as the other. Now, what is the difference between these two spaces? Balcony and patio might serve the same purposes to some extent but they have well-defined differences. A balcony is an outdoor extension extended to the outside of a building—usually on the upper floors without any ground access, while a patio is situated on the ground floor or usually found in the backyard. Patios are usually built for recreational purposes. Balconies, on the other hand, do not serve as much an entertainment space due to their limited space and position.

Advantages of Balcony Shades

  1. Protects From Extreme Conditions. If you want to spend more time on your balcony at any time of the day, shades can be your shield from the scorching heat of the sun, light rainfall, or gusty winds.
  2. Protects Your Valuables. Shades can protect your furniture and other valuables on your balcony from fading and damage due to exposure to sunlight and rainwater.
  3. A Great Workplace. We are all spending more time working from home and what could be better than an outdoor workspace? Whether you’re on a work-from-home routine or study session, you can take advantage of the nature around your home and enjoy the fresh air at the same time.
  4. Enjoy More Time Outdoors. The good thing about having a balcony with shade is that you can spend more time chilling in your balcony area. Pour some wine, listen to music to simply escape from the real world. You can also lay a mat and start a yoga or exercise session in the fresh air.
  5. Grow Plants. If you are a plant lover, you can use your balcony to create a temporary garden for yourself. You can grow plants like herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Just because you don’t have a backyard doesn’t mean you can’t have a green oasis and plants need outdoor shading at different times of the year.
  6. Host a Party. Impress your family and friends with a cozy private space where you can set up a barbecue and a bench to serve food and drinks all year round at any season when you have the right coverage.
  7. Your Pets Will Thank You. Pets need fresh air as you do. If your balcony is cooler, they can stay longer outdoors contemplating life and they’ll be the happiest when they have enough time outdoors.
  8. Cooler Interior. Summer months can probably be as hot as hell. A balcony full of plants and a sunshade will give you a lot of ventilation—cooling down the temperature by several degrees.
  9. Aesthetics to your building. A building with a balcony and sunshade looks much more stylish as compared to a building without one. Creating personality and aesthetics, a well designed and groomed balcony can bring so much to the exterior of a building.

Do you want to be protected and make the most of your outdoor living space? Take a look at these stylish shading ideas that can be taken into consideration for your home balcony.

Sail Shades

These large triangular-like pieces of fabric can be mounted to steel posts, overlapping the shades to create a more full area of coverage if you have a bigger area to cover. If you want to let as much light as possible into the house during the winter, a shade sail is a good option. They have a very modern, stylish and eye-catching look and will certainly complement your balcony design. Cost depends on the size and how many sails you’re going to use.


Umbrellas are one of the simplest and fastest ways to add shade to your balcony. They are a great option for small balconies. Another good thing about umbrellas is that you can easily move them exactly where you need depending on the sun’s position then gather and store them away when you don’t need them. Umbrellas have a variety of colours, sizes, and styles that will go excellently with your building aesthetics.

Retractable Awnings

Are you looking for a balcony shade that is a permanent feature of your home? Motorized or manual retractable awnings are your most versatile option. Awnings are great for seasonal shading. Retractable awnings allow you to decide when you would like to cover or uncover your balcony area. You can choose between the less expensive manually operated options— and models that are fully motorised, but both can cover a large area without having to install a completely permanent structure. The costs for this product varies based on size, features, functionality, and customization. If you prefer a long-term investment for your home, this option is a good choice.

Retractable Sunroofs

Modern Australian architecture offers many interesting opportunities for light and open spaces. Helioscreen Retractable Sunroof is another dynamic sun protection system you can install on your balcony area. It can be attached to your home so you don’t need to install a permanent option—not compromising both the exterior appearance of the building and the view from within. Project costs vary based on size, features, functionality, and customization.


Pergolas are one of the most popular choices when it comes to design, versatility in complementing a variety of architectural styles and enhancing the visual appeal of balcony areas. Helioscreen’s Vario-Pergola creates a fantastic space for intimate gatherings and has impressive aesthetic appeal. They create their own pergola structure by having front posts, and attachments for fixing the back of the system to the building, meaning no classical substructure is required.

Retractable Roof

A retractable roof as a balcony shade structure provides optimal protection from the sun, wind and prying eyes—covering a large area of your balcony. Helioscreen Retractable Roofs can withstand all weather conditions. They are made from architectural grade aluminium and stainless steel fixtures, ensuring smooth operation and high durability. This kind of shading offers the ultimate flexibility of opening or closing the system. They are very convenient, easy to operate, and stylish —with programmable timers, sun and wind sensors but are a more expensive option. BUT if you are looking for a long-lasting investment for your property, they are a perfect choice.

If you are looking to begin a balcony shade project any time soon, let the Helioscreen professionals help you determine the perfect shading solution to suit your needs. Contact us today for a consultation.

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