3 Advantages Of Backyard Privacy Screens You Need To Know

Blue external privacy screen for backyard

Australians love spending time in their gardens.  

But when prying eyes or bad weather threatens, it’s difficult to enjoy them to their full potential.  

Give your backyard oasis the seclusion it deserves with a privacy screen.   

Here, we’ll look at 3 of their main benefits, and why choosing one from a reputable supplier makes all the difference. 

3 Noteworthy Benefits Of Backyard Privacy Screens

1. They Give You Privacy

The backyard is somewhere we go to relax and rejuvenate, so having the privacy you need to do so is essential.  

With a privacy screen in place, you can enjoy your outdoor space feeling comfortable, safe and secluded. No need to worry about onlooking neighbours or passers-by threatening your privacy. 

Better yet, with Helioscreen’s retractable privacy screen, choose exactly when you want to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the great outdoors, and when you want to screen it out. 

Having the luxury of choice is no doubt one of retractable privacy screens most notable benefits.  

2. They Offer Protection From The Elements 

slider privacy screen Helioscreen

There’s nothing like relaxing with a book or entertaining friends in the garden. Yet without adequate shelter, wind, rain and sweltering sun will quickly ruin your plans. 

Strategically placing your privacy screen over western-facing decks and balconies ensures your space stays cool and comfortable. Reducing the amount of UV light and heat filtering through, they’ll also prevent the sun from bleaching and damaging your outdoor furnishings.  

Even better, privacy screens also offer protection from mild wind and rain, especially when coupled with a retractable roof or awning, so you really can entertain rain, hail or shine.

3. They’re Cost Effective

To keep your outdoor space private, most people turn to installing costly walls, fences or planting hedges that take several years to get to the height you desire.  

Privacy screens offer a more cost effective, stylish and flexible solution. And unlike walls and fences, they often don’t require the hassle of seeking council approval for installation.  

It’s a win-win. 

To find out more about how to choose the best privacy screen for your home, see our helpful article here

Why Choose A Privacy Screen From Helioscreen?

To ensure your privacy screen won’t break, rust or tear in a few years’ time, be sure to look for a durable model from a reputable supplier.  

Made from high-quality, corrosion resistant materials and rot proof fabrics, Helioscreen’s Sideline Privacy Screen is built to last. Not to mention, all models come with a full 5 year warranty on the entire system for your peace of mind. 

So, for a backyard privacy screen that will remain both beautiful and functional for many years, there is simply no better option than Helioscreen. Contact us today to find out more. 

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