4 Helpful Tips When Choosing Indoor Blinds For Your Home

White roller blinds for modern room with balcony view

Whether it’s seeking privacy from the neighbours, reducing heat or blocking the entry of natural light, indoor blinds are a great window covering for any home.  

Here, we’ll look at 4 helpful tips to help you choose the perfect indoor blinds for your space. 

4 Tips For Choosing The Right Indoor Blinds

1. Determine The Style You’re After

Your choice of indoor blind can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your home. So, you want to make sure you take the time to choose the right indoor blind style for your space.  

Popular styles include: 

Roller Blinds

For living rooms and hallways, roller blinds offer a contemporary, streamlined and practical window covering. They’re especially ideal for windows and doorways that require frequent access.  

Double Roller Blinds

For bedrooms and nurseries, double roller blinds provide maximum flexibility. With two fabric choices covering one window, they give you the power to choose your precise light requirements at any time of day.  

Blackout Blinds

For home cinemas and gaming rooms, you can’t go wrong with blackout blinds. Blocking almost all of light from entering the room, blackout blinds allow you to get a restful night’s sleep or enjoy your favourite movies without any light interference.  

2. Choose Your Lighting Requirements

Indoor blinds come in a range of fabrics and opacities that let in complete light, partial light or block it all together. These include: 

  • Sunscreen fabrics have the unique ability to reduce heat and glare while still providing some visibility outside.  
  • Translucent fabrics offer 24/7 privacy while still allowing filtered light to enter throughout the day. 
  • Blackout fabrics reduce heat and prevent nearly 100% of light from entering the room. 

3. Do You Want Manual Or Motorised Blinds?

Indoor blinds have the option to operate either manually using a stainless steel chain or automatically using a Somfy motor 

Chain operated blinds offer a simple and elegant sun control solution for your home. They’re easy to operate and feature compact and discreet end brackets that won’t take away from the aesthetic appeal of your space.  

For effortless sun control at the touch of a button, you can’t go wrong with motorised indoor blinds. Eliminating the need for a hanging cord pull, they’re safe and practical for homes with children and pets.  

Operational via a remote control, wall switch or full building integration, motorisation allows you to raise or lower your blinds without even leaving the sofa. For lovers of home automation, there’s also the option to add additional light sensors and timers.

4. What Colour Will Compliment Your Space?

For indoor blinds that truly add the ‘wow factor’ to your home, look for a supplier like Helioscreen that can customise the colour of your blinds to perfectly match your space. 

With over 20 fabric choices in a variety of colours, weaves and finishes, Helioscreen’s indoor blinds have something to suit every interior. 

A Reputable Supplier Makes All The Difference

To ensure your indoor blinds stay beautiful and functional for many years to come, you’ll want to purchase them from a reputable supplier like Helioscreen.  

All Helioscreen roller blinds come with a full 5 year warranty on the motor, fabric and hardware for your peace of mind.  

To find out more about our range of indoor blinds, contact us today.  

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