The Do’s & Don’ts of Roller Blind Cleaning

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Roller blinds are a great way to add privacy and style to any interior space. However, dirt build up and scuff marks quickly turns them from looking fresh to unsightly.  

So, to help keep your roller blinds looking as pristine as they day they were installed, we’ve created this simple do’s and don’ts guide to roller blind cleaning.  

For General Fabric Care

To keep your roller blinds looking fresh and clean, regular cleaning is a must. For general maintenance of your roller blinds, we recommend dusting both the fabric and the base bar regularly to remove any build-up of dirt.  

  • Fabrics: We recommend cleaning with either a feather duster or vacuum cleaner. For tackling larger pieces of dust, use masking tape to press down on the area and then lift off, taking care not to fold or crease the fabric in the process. 
  • Base bar: We suggest cleaning with either a feather duster or damp cloth to remove dirt.  

To prevent dust from building up in the first place, be sure to raise your blinds if the door or window that covers it is open. This will also help avoid any damage from the wind or rain.  

For Spot Cleaning

Spots or marks left untreated on your roller blinds can easily stain the fabric and ruin the aesthetic appeal of your blinds. So, be sure to act quickly if you notice any markings on your blinds with these simple spot cleaning tips.  

Quick tip: ALWAYS test your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area of the fabric before spot cleaning. 

For Sunscreen Fabrics


To clean roller blinds made of sunscreen fabrics, we recommend wiping the fabric gently with a sponge and mild detergent (5%).  


Do NOT use any solvents, rub or soak the fabric –  this can damage your blinds.  

For Translucent or Blockout Fabrics


To clean roller blinds made of translucent or block out fabrics, we recommend wiping the fabric gently with a damp sponge and mild detergent (5%). Apply the solution to the sponge, not the fabric to avoid stains.  


Do NOT use any solvents, rub or soak the fabric – this can damage your blinds.

Other Roller Blind Cleaning Methods To Avoid 

Roller blinds are an investment, so any cleaning method that may damage them in the process is a big no-no.  

There’s a lot of contradicting information out there regarding roller blind cleaning. So, to make sure your blinds remain in pristine condition, these are some general practices to avoid when it comes time to clean your blinds: 

  • Taking roller blinds off their brackets to clean them. 
  • Soaking your roller blinds in a bathtub. 
  • Scrubbing or rubbing your blinds fabric. 
  • Anything that suggests using solvents or alcohol to clean your blinds.  

Every roller blind fabric is different and will therefore require different cleaning methods. Before cleaning your roller blinds, be sure to always check with your supplier on cleaning best practices. This will prevent any unwanted damaged to your blinds.  

The Right Supplier Makes All The Difference 

For durable, aesthetic and easy to clean roller blinds, look no further than Helioscreen. Our indoor blinds are made from tear resistant, anti-static fabrics for low maintenance and easy cleaning.  

To find out more about our range of indoor roller blinds, contact us today.

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