Are Outdoor Blinds Waterproof?

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds provide strong protection against the heat, reduce glare and create a comfortable indoor thermal setting. But, are they waterproof? Let’s have a look.  

Are Outdoor Blinds Waterproof?  

Outdoor blinds work as external protection blind systems for outdoor areas, patios, pergolas and verandahs. Many home and commercial property owners invest in outdoor blinds to enhance their outdoor living area to extend and protect the space while controlling indoor temperatures.  

The primary purpose of any outdoor blind is to absorb heat and block UV rays from the sun. Because of this, outdoor blinds are not always designed to be completely waterproof – nor do they require to be.  

Outdoor blinds provide protection – to an extent. They can prevent rain from entering the protected area but most outdoor blinds are water-resistant, not completely waterproof.  

Some outdoor blinds include a fitted headbox made with non-corrosive componentry to ensure an aesthetic, uncluttered appearance and stability from the elements. It also provides optimal protection of the outdoor blind when it is not in use.  

Premium outdoor blind systems can withstand tough treatments and weather conditions and are made with durable fabrics that are anti-static, anti-fungal and fire retardant.  

What is the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant? 

When outdoor blinds are waterproof, the fabric will remain impenetrable to water regardless of how much water is exposed to the material. If your outdoor blind is water-resistant, on the other hand, it means that the fabric is tightly woven with other materials to protect from water to an extent, but not completely. 

The resistance of the fabric to water is tested through permeability and penetration; that is, how much water is able to penetrate the fabric and how much water the material can take before absorption. If your outdoor fabric combines waterproofing and water resistance, it classifies as water-resistant. If you are unsure about the water-resistance levels of your fabric are, reach out to your outdoor blind supplier 

Water-Resistant Fabrics 

Clear Vinyl:  

Clear Vinyl fabrics are strong and durable but are prone to tears in harsh wind conditions because it lacks the breathability and flexibility found in other fabrics.  

Acrylic Canvas:  

Acrylic canvas fabrics are extremely durable and water-resistant. Some are available with an extra treatment that increases the water resistance to an extremely high level, with the added benefit of becoming dirt repellent.  

Can Water-Resistant Outdoor Blinds Handle Rain? 

The primary purpose of outdoor blinds is to protect from harsh sun exposure from inside the home and in outdoor areas. With this being said, the water-resistant fabric can protect from mild rain, however, it is recommended to roll up the outdoor blind during wet weather to avoid prolonged exposure.  

Australia’s Most Popular Outdoor Blinds 

Helioscreen is one of Australia’s most reputable suppliers of architectural sun screening systems. Helioscreen’s range of outdoor blinds and external screens are designed to withstand Australia’s tough conditions while complementing any external facade.  

With a large variety of sun screening products to choose from, users can enjoy great visibility towards the outside as well as experience increased thermal and visual comfort. Helioscreen’s range of outdoor blinds are made with highly tear resistant, anti-fungal, and fire retardant fabric.  

Our HMX 130 outdoor blind is designed and engineered in Europe, delivering the highest quality components featuring marine-grade stainless steel fixings, built for durability and performance. Our outdoor blinds can also be manually operated or motorised by Somfy and come with quality and performance warranties.  

Choose Australia’s Quality Outdoor Blind Supplier

It’s important to prioritise a durable and functional outdoor blind system that will provide long-lasting sun control custom made to any residential or commercial outdoor area. Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of outdoor blinds, contact us for more information on choosing the right outdoor blinds for your needs. 


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