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Commercial awnings are a real feature of any streetscape, and they’re a valuable part of the external space of any commercial building. These awnings are required to last, look good, and be easy to maintain if required. Some commercial awnings are huge, and used as a design feature in their own right, like cafe awnings. Like all business fittings, the big outside awnings are a real design issue.

Commercial awnings – Issues and design

Commercial awnings have a range of functions, including business functions. For some businesses, outside areas are valuable space, and stock is kept there for shoppers. (This is often the case in upmarket car yards, hardware outlets and nurseries, where the cover protects stock very effectively.) For restaurants, cafés and city fast food diners the awning may cover an eating area. The awnings effectively increase the commercial space, often by a large amount.

That commercial function raises several issues:

  • The area to be covered
  • The corporate image factors like logos, advertising, etc. on the awnings
  • “The Look”- The exterior can look great, particularly with a planned system of external awnings.
  • Other business functions: An awning can also provide a good covered area for moving goods and people.

These awnings are really a commercial investment. The basic requirements are pretty simple:

  • Good quality outdoor awnings that can take weather extremes with low maintenance.
  • A great look, matching the corporate image to perfection
  • A supplier who understands these issues and can give you the service you need when you need it

Getting what you want

Getting what you want isn’t difficult. The top suppliers are easy to work with, and you’ll find you’re dealing with business professionals as well as awning experts. They know the issues, and have experience in this field which will make the whole process from quote to installation far more efficient. What you want will be exactly what you’ll get.

Anyone in the design business will tell you that the big advantage of dealing with major suppliers is that you’ll also get a very wide range of options. You also get benchmarks for top quality, which is an excellent advantage in selection. The best suppliers can give you a lot of useful information for your exterior upgrade, which simplifies the decision making process greatly.

Getting help if you need it

A consultation will do a lot to resolve any problems you may be having with design or space situations:

  • If you’re trying to expand your commercial space, the consultant will be able to show you how, and probably find you some extra space as well, if you need it.
  • If you’ve got design requirements, the consultant will be able to get the information you need, complete with specifications as required.
  • If you’ve got special technical requirements, like retractable awnings or roofs, sunroofs or other needs, these are standard issues for the industry leaders.

Commercial awnings are major assets for many businesses. If you’re looking at upgrading, check out the major suppliers first, to see the best in Australia.

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