Do Awnings Add Value To Your Home?

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Imagine being able to improve your home’s curb appeal and save money on your energy bills at the same time. Adding an awning to your home can do just that. Not only does an awning look welcoming to guests, it also adds value to your home in a variety of ways.  

Here are the ways investing in an awning can add value to your home:

Do Awnings Add Value To Your Home? 

Yes! Awnings can add value to your home in more ways than you think. They increase the amount of entertaining and liveable space in your home, protect you from the elements and even lower household bills. In most cases they also cost a lot less than a porch or deck and usually look more attractive too.  

How Awnings Add Value To Your Home 

An awning offers so much more than just protection from the elements, they help turn your outdoor area into a functional space all year round. Some of the ways an awning adds value to your home include: 

Improve Energy Efficiency:

When placed correctly, an awning over windows and decks can reduce the heat entering your home by up to 75%. Less heat in your home means a significant reduction in energy costs by running the air conditioner in summer. By making your home more energy efficient, this is just one way that awnings will add value to your home for future buyers. 

More Usable Outdoor Space: 

A retractable awning makes your outdoor entertaining space usable for a greater portion of the year, protecting you from the sun and rain. This means you and your guests can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the weather.

Add Privacy and Curb Appeal: 

Choosing an awning that compliments your home’s exterior can add life and beauty to your home. Not only does an awning look welcoming to guests, but they also come in a variety of designs and colours so there is something to suit every aesthetic.  

An awning can also be a stylish way to add some extra privacy to windows or entertaining areas that are overlooked by neighbours.  

Protects Your Home:

Frequent sun exposure can damage your furniture, fabrics and carpets. Investing in an awning can help to protect both your outdoor and indoor furniture from harmful UV rays. This will save you money not having to replace your interior and exterior furnishings as a result of sun damage.   

What Type of Awning Should I Add To My Home? 

The right awning for your home will be able to provide you with a sheltered outdoor space while protecting the inside of your home at the same time.  

Awnings can be installed as either fixed or retractable structures. A fixed awning is a permanent structure that provides shelter from the elements. These are most often used by businesses for the purpose of street appeal, advertising and protecting shop entrances. On the other hand, retractable awnings offer these same benefits but have the flexibility to be opened or closed when needed. 

With the variation in weather Australia presents, the convenience of flexibility is valuable. Retractable awnings allow users to only use the awning when they need it most. This ensures longevity and durability of your awning over time. You can also choose to operate your retractable awning manually or via a motorised system. Helioscreen offers a wide range of retractable awnings to complement any residential façade. 

Choose Australia’s Quality Awning Supplier

When choosing an awning for your home, it’s important to prioritise a durable and functional retractable awning that will provide a long-lasting shade solution custom made to your outdoor area.  Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of retractable awnings for a variety of residential buildings. Contact us for more information. 

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