External Blinds Buyers Guide

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When it comes to transforming your indoor and outdoor spaces, the right set of external blinds can make all the difference.  

But with so many options on the market, it’s hard to know what’s the best solution for you.  

Here, we’ll break down everything you need to know before purchasing external blinds, from different models to their cost and what additional features are available. 

3 Types Of External Blinds (& What’s Right For You)

1. Outdoor Roller Blinds

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Outdoor roller blinds consist of a single sheet of fabric that rolls up or down to effortlessly control light, heat and privacy. They offer countless benefits for homes and businesses, protecting furniture from the elements and blocking nearly 90% of heat from entering. 

Helioscreen’s external fabric blinds are a stylish addition to any residential or commercial balcony, deck, patio, window or terrace. They’re specially designed for Australia’s harsh climate, boasting stainless steel fixtures and one of the toughest tear strengths on the market. They’re also anti-static for easy cleaning.  

Helioscreen’s outdoor blinds are available in a selection of sunscreen, translucent and blackout fabrics depending on the level of privacy and light control you’re after.  

Sunscreen fabrics and translucent fabrics block heat and glare while still allowing sunlight throughout the day, making them ideal for living rooms, cafes and courtyards. Outdoor blackout blinds, on the other hand, block nearly 100% of light from entering, so they’re ideal for externally sheltering bedrooms, home theatres and boardrooms.  

2. External Venetian Blinds

External venetian blinds for modern outdoor deck

External venetian blinds are a popular addition to many modern homes and businesses. They consist of a series of horizontal slats typically made from aluminium, wood or metal and make controlling sunlight and privacy truly effortless.  

The benefits of venetian blinds are endless. Their slats can open, close, tilt or raise completely, letting in just the right amount of light, no matter the time of day. Even better, they reduce sun penetration by up to 90%, keeping your spaces cool throughout the hot Australian summer.  

Made with UV resistant components and thick, extruded aluminium pelmets and rails, Helioscreen’s venetian blinds will withstand years of moisture and sun exposure. Their robust, stainless steel fixtures won’t rust or crack, so they’re ideal for buildings near the ocean.  

3. Privacy Screens

slider privacy screen Helioscreen

Privacy screens are a simple and cost-effective outdoor blind to keep your spaces feeling comfortable, private and secluded. The benefits of privacy screens include protection from the afternoon sun, shelter from moderate winds and light rain and of course, more privacy from neighbours and passersby. 

Helioscreen’s Sideline Privacy Screen is made from high-quality, corrosion resistant materials and rot proof fabrics. The side pulling profile easily attaches to walls, handrails or columns, so it is easy to install on balconies, terraces or garden areas.  

Helioscreen’s External Blinds Customisation Options

Don’t settle for stock standard outdoor blinds. Helioscreen offers a range of customisation options to ensure your outdoor blinds meet your unique functional and aesthetic requirements, such as: 

Manual Or Motorised Operation

Some outdoor blind models, such as external roller blinds, have the option for manual or motorised operation.  

Opening and closing using a simple cord pull, manually operated outdoor blinds are a great option for small spaces or those on a tighter budget.  

Motorised blinds, on the other hand, operate via a remote control, wall switch or smartphone app. They open or close at the touch of a button, making them ideal for large or hard to reach areas and busy restaurants or cafes.  

For lovers of home automation, there’s also the option to set timers for your blinds to open and close at certain times of day. Program them to open with the sunrise and close as it gets dark outside, making light and privacy control truly effortless. 

Over 120 Fabric & Frame Colours

The colour of your outdoor blinds can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your property, so you want to get it right.  

Luckily, Helioscreen’s outdoor blinds come in a wide range of classic and contemporary colours, so there’s something to suit any facade.  

Weather Sensors

For unbeatable convenience, there’s the option to add sun and rain sensors to your external blinds. This allows your blinds to react automatically to the weather. They’ll open your blinds when the harsh summer sun hits the windows, and close them if heavy rain strikes to prevent damage to the fabrics.  

5 Notable Benefits Of External Blinds

Grey outdoor blinds for windows

External blinds are a flexible shade solution that add style and practicality to any residential or commercial building. Some of the most notable benefits of Helioscreen’s outdoor blinds include: 

  • Increase the energy efficiency of a building 
  • Increase privacy and security 
  • Highly customisable 
  • Extremely durable design 
  • 5 year warranty for peace of mind 

How Much Do External Blinds Cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for outdoor blinds.  

However, their price will vary depending on the size, model, operation method and any additional extras you choose.  

We also have a helpful article outlining how much you can expect to pay for different outdoor blind models in a little more detail.  

Choose Australia’s Leading External Blinds Supplier

When choosing external blinds for your home or business, it’s important to prioritise a durable and functional system that will provide a long-lasting shade solution.  

Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of outdoor blinds for a variety of residential and commercial applications. As a quality guarantee, all our external blinds come with a 5 year warranty on the motor, fabric and hardware, so you know they’re made to last.

Contact us today for more information.  

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