How to Throw an Outdoor Party

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Outdoor parties, especially pool parties, are an excellent way to catch up with friends and family during the spring, summer, and autumn months. The weather is warm in parts of Australia well into winter, and the backyard is the perfect place to hold celebrations. So when it comes to hosting a party outside, there are some sure-fire tips to help make sure your guests have a great time.

Here are a few quick outdoor party tips:

  • Find a convenient time
  • Plan a light menu for warmer weather
  • Decide on a theme or event such as a birthday, anniversary etc
  • Plan activities for adults and kids
  • Provide shade as well as open space

Pool Parties

This is a great way to keep cool while entertaining. Kids love pool parties, and they are easy to please with floating toys and games. Children should be able to swim, and they should wear flotation devices such as vests or arm floats if there is any question about their ability to swim. Make sure there is a responsible adult at all times supervising those in the pool.

There are some great pool games for kids and adults. And if hosting a pool party, remember to serve drinks in plastic glasses and put food on paper or plastic plates.

Lawn Parties

Badminton, Bocce Ball and Lawn Bowling are fun activities for lawn parties. Activities will depend on the size of the grass area you have available and the number of people involved.

Remember to have a large selection of food and drink options for everyone invited, and don’t forget you may have invited people who have allergies or who don’t eat meat, so try to create interesting options for those guests also.

When planning what everyone will need to drink, remember that too much sun and alcohol mixed can have adverse effects; you may even want to develop a signature “mock-tail” from fruit juices and sparkling water to be served in tall tumblers or other festive glasses.

Evenings and BBQs

Fire pits are excellent for outdoor parties during the evening or when the weather cools. But, the twilight hours can bring out annoying flying insects and bugs, so a basic mosquito coil or even a screened patio or porch protects guests from those pesky mosquitos and flies. So, don’t forget the mozzie spray if you’re planning an evening soiree!

Sun Exposure

All Australians know that they must protect themselves from too much sun. So your backyard and pool area needs some shade if you’re hosting a backyard party. This can include festive umbrellas, shady trees or a covered patio or a screened-in area.

Shade and lighting is a crucial feature of backyards, and there is a great variety of options you can consider. You can use external blinds to create an outdoor extension to the home, essentially an outdoor room that can be enclosed and protected from the heat and sun, or you could choose a retractable option such as a retractable awning, roof or pergola.

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Retractable options are convenient as you have the ability to automate the functionality of the roof or awning. So at the touch of a button, your sunny entertainment area becomes shaded, making guests feel comfortable in the weather.

Another thing to consider when shading your space is in case of inclement weather; a retractable waterproof roof is a great way to not only add value to your home but remain outside and protected from the rain. Again, at the touch of a button, your outdoor space becomes completely protected.

To learn more about your backyard entertaining shade options, contact us at Helioscreen for intelligent and practical sun control solutions for your home and yard area.

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