5 Best Outdoor Kitchen Shade Ideas

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Have you noticed that outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years? The reason why is that not only are they versatile and convenient, but they increase the usable space of homes and their resale value as well. They are also magnificent in summer when you can laze away your evenings.

Cooking and eating a meal outside is such a fun activity to do and share with loved ones, family and friends. Outdoor kitchens are undeniably a fantastic place to prepare the best grilling recipes with a summer drink in hand, while you enjoy the fresh air and views around your neighbourhood. But with all the beauty and convenience, as you can imagine they come with a few headaches.

Suppose you are looking at investing in an outdoor kitchen. In that case, you have to consider the design, the right appliances to set up, and how much protection you’ll need from the heat of the summer sun. Will the sun make the space unbearably hot and unusable? The amount of shade you need generally depends on your local climate, and the orientation of the kitchen in relation to the sun. Whether you need partial or complete shade is an important consideration that could make your outdoor kitchen a much more welcoming and comfortable living and dining space.

Benefits of Installing a Shade Structure in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Protects From Harmful UV Rays

The main reason to add shade structure in your outdoor kitchen is to protect anyone from direct exposure to harmful UV rays. Remember that even during cooler weather or cloudy days, exposure to direct sunlight can cause extreme damage.

Protects from the Elements

Not only does a shade structure protect from the sun, but it can also be used as a barrier from wind, dust, rain or even snow.

Entertainment Space

An outdoor kitchen with a shade structure can double as an outdoor dining area, living room and entertainment space. This means your home’s amount of usable space can increase – letting you host large parties without your guests feeling cramped.

Maximum Outdoor Time

Cooler outdoor areas allow you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors for a more extended period of time. Everyone loves to stay outdoors if they’re keeping cool under the shade.

Protects Equipment, Furniture, and other Valuables

A shade structure is essential to protect all your kitchen appliances from any unfavourable climate.

Provide Guests Comfort

Staying in your outdoor kitchen for an extended period is no longer a headache because the shade can make you and your guests much more comfortable.

Customised Style and Control

Outdoor sun shades are available in various products with designer colours, fabrics, functionality, and styles—some with motorised systems that you can operate with just a tap of your finger.

Here we have listed the best shades you may consider for a fully functional outdoor kitchen that will give you maximum protection from harmful UV rays and other unfavourable elements.


Umbrellas are a relatively inexpensive solution for sunny outdoor spots. They are one of the simplest and fastest ways to add shade to your outdoor kitchen. Because umbrellas can only shade fairly limited areas, you need to position or angle them to a particular area that requires sun protection. If you want to provide enough shade, you should at least need three or more umbrellas, depending on the size of the kitchen area you want to cover. One good thing about umbrellas is that they are straightforward to set up and are not very costly. Umbrellas are also temporary fixtures you can store elsewhere during cooler weather. However, they aren’t completely weatherproof, make sure they’re secured in heavy wind and replace them when they get too worn out or faded.

Pergola Awnings

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Installing a beautiful Pergola Awning is another great way to give your outdoor kitchen shade. They are one of the most versatile types of shade you can have when it comes to complementing various architectural styles and enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor areas. They can be either freestanding or attached to a building using wall or ceiling brackets and don’t require an existing pergola structure to go onto as they have their own support posts. Pergola Awnings are popular with both homeowners and hospitality venues alike. See how Helioscreen’s Vario-Pergola Sunroof can create a great space for intimate gatherings and has impressive aesthetic appeal.

Retractable Sunroofs

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A retractable sunroof is another motorised sun protection system that retracts to any point, for gaining maximum efficiency from the sun. When you want full sun in winter keep the roof open, or fully deploy the system in summer for maximum shade. It can be attached to your existing building over a skylight or on a Pergola, so you don’t need to install a brand new sub-structure. This sunroof product is very compact, and discreetly blends into the surrounding architecture of an outdoor kitchen area.

Retractable Roofs

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A retractable roof as an outdoor kitchen cover can create an indoor-like environment and an all-in-one solution for heat, rain and light control, whilst also adding architectural style to your home. If you are looking for a shade that can withstand all weather conditions, Helioscreen’s Retractable Roofs can be the best option. Folding away at the touch of a button, a retractable roof system allows users the supreme convenience of being able to open or close what is essentially an outdoor room when required. This kind of shading is convenient, easy to operate, and stylish —with the option of integrated LED lighting, programmable timers, and sun or wind sensors.

Retractable Awnings

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If you are looking for outdoor kitchen shade ideas that you can attach directly to your home, motorised or manual retractable folding arm awnings are your most versatile option. They provide your kitchen with shade when you need it most. Retractable awnings allow you to decide when you would like to cover or uncover your outdoor kitchen area. You can also choose between less expensive options that you can use manually or models that are fully motorised and can cover a large area without having to install the entire structure. The costs for this project vary based on size, features, functionality and customisation.

If you are a homeowner looking for new ways to make the most of your backyard and planning to invest in an outdoor kitchen with a perfect shading solution, Helioscreen professionals can help you determine what best suits your needs. Contact us today for a consultation. We would love to assist you!

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