Safe as Houses: 6 Home Security Tips

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Your home is your haven from the world, and the security of that haven is key to living in comfort. In this article, we’ll take a look at six secrets to ensuring your home is as secure as it can possibly be, from installing roller blinds and exterior lighting to locking up valuables and keeping them out of sight of potential burglars.

1. Alarm systems

A modern alarm is still one of the most effective deterrents from burglars. These days, an alarm can be much more than a simple siren going off at the front of your home when a door or window is opened. If you want to go all out for home security, you can create entire alarm systems that connect to central monitoring stations where trained security experts can check live video feeds whenever an alert is set off. This also eliminates the problem of “false alarms”, which are a notorious side effect of traditional alarm systems.

2. Fencing

Another key to security in your home is installing fencing. This could be as simple as having a tall fence in your backyard to keep children and pets safely enclosed within your property boundary. However, you can also install fencing around your entire perimeter to stop potential burglars from getting a look-in at your property in the first place.

3. Roller blinds and curtains

While some burglars are professionals who perform their criminal activities for a living, many of them are simply opportunists who respond to certain signs that valuables can be obtained. One of the best ways to deter this type of burglary and make your home more secure is to install fixtures on your windows to stop them from getting a look in the first place. Roller blinds, which often come in the form of motorised blinds, are a great product for stopping people from looking in, while curtains or tinted windows can also be utilised.

4. Use exterior lighting

Even when you’re not home, it pays to leave a light on your front porch to make potential burglars think you might be home anyway. At the very least, this will work to deter them from attempting to break in because, for obvious reasons, burglars like to work under the cover of dark. These days, it’s possible to install lighting that responds to motion sensors, so the moment somebody creeps onto your dark property, the light comes on.

5. Always lock up

This one seems obvious but it’s one of the biggest causes of break-ins. You should ensure all entrance points to your house are locked, including all doors and windows. If you park a car in the front driveway (ie. you don’t have a garage), be sure to always keep the door locked there as well. There’s no easier opportunity for potential thieves to take advantage of than spotting an unlocked car door.

6. Hide your valuables

As a general rule, it always pays to ensure your valuables are as hidden from the public as possible. This could be through installing window fixtures and fencing, as we’ve already discussed, but it goes beyond this. Bikes left in the front yard, shoes left on the porch, garage doors left open during the day; it all tells burglars that there is a lack of security in your household and it makes them all the more likely to attempt a break-and-enter later on. Keep your valuables out of sight and keep your home secure.

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