The 3 Best Awning Fabric Types

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Retractable awnings offer stylish and practical protection from the elements. However, this protection only lasts if your awning is made from a durable fabric from the right supplier.  

To find the right awning fabric for your needs and budget, you need to know your options. So, we’ve created this list of the best awning fabrics and what’s right for you.  

3 Popular Awning Fabrics (& What’s Best For You)

When purchasing an awning for your home or business, there’s no shortage of fabrics to choose from.  

Here’s 3 of the most common awning fabrics you’ll come across: 

1. Acrylic

Acrylic is one of the most sought-after materials for awnings because it’s extremely durable and easy to maintain. Made from highly breathable fibres, acrylic awnings dry out quickly when wet and won’t trap hot air underneath on hot summer days, making it a great ‘all weather’ option.  

Acrylic material is ideal for awnings in gusty areas like balconies and patios because it’s highly flexible and won’t tear easily. It’s less susceptible to damage from the elements and will remain intact and functional even after years of use.   

What Is Solution Dyed Acrylic?

Solution dyed acrylic is dyed during production rather than after. This means the colour permeates through the fabric instead of sitting on top as another layer.  

Even when the colour is stripped from the top layers of fabric, the colour beneath remains vibrant, making solution dyed fabrics a great choice for awnings with high sun exposure.  

At Helioscreen, we make our awnings from 100% solution dyed sunacrylic, a rot proof acrylic fabric specially designed for outdoor use. 

2. Canvas

Canvas material provides the strength and flexibility that other materials don’t, making it a highly recommended fabric type for awnings.  

Made from a woven blend of cotton and polyester, canvas helps block out UV rays to protect your indoor areas from the harsh heat.  

Canvas awnings may be more prone to fading as opposed to synthetic materials if not properly cared for. So, always ensure you roll up your awning in extreme weather conditions to remain dry and safe from damage.  

For extra protection, you can also apply varnish to provide an extra layer of defence from mould, mildew and fading.  

3. Vinyl

Laminated or coated vinyl is strong, durable and is an ideal fabric choice for high humidity or wet climates.  

Like most awning fabrics, vinyl is only water resistant, not waterproof, so while it can withstand humid environments, be sure to retract your awning in periods of heavy rain to prevent damage.  

Choose Australia’s Leading Awning Supplier

Choosing the right fabric for your retractable awning is crucial to ensure long-lasting protection from the elements.  

Acrylic is a highly durable and flexible option, while canvas and vinyl offer strength and UV protection. Remember to also take proper care of your awning to maintain its functionality and aesthetic appeal.  

To ensure your awning provides a long-lasting shade solution for your home or business, look for one made from a durable fabric from a reputable supplier like Helioscreen.   

Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of awnings for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Contact us today for more information. 

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