Helioscreen Cocoon Awnings – Your Guide

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Don’t let the weather force you indoors, Helioscreen’s Cocoon awning gives all the protection you need in one simple design. It’s elegant, eye-catching and minimalist. What’s not to love?  

Here’s everything you need to know about Helioscreen’s cocoon awnings. 

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Helioscreen’s Retractable Cocoon Awnings

Who says simple can’t be stylish? Helioscreen’s Cocoon awning is deceptively durable, giving you the perfect shading solution to last you decades. Despite its size, the Cocoon awning is designed for the minimalist while providing complete protection of the fabric and folding arms in a slim, fully enclosed cassette.  

Offering an understated architectural finish, the Cocoon awning design is well-matched for any contemporary facade.  

Helioscreen’s Cocoon Awning Key Features 

  • Maximum width: 5.5 metres  
  • Maximum projection: 3.5 metres  
  • Fabric colours: Over 150 fabric colours  
  • Frame colours: Over 120 Dulux & custom powder coat colours  
  • Installation angle: 5-50° 
  • Standard operation: Motor (hand gear possible)  
  • Cassette dimensions: 145mm x 230mm 

How Do Helioscreen’s Cocoon Awnings Work? 

You can operate cocoon awnings with a motorised function or hand gear to extend the folding arms over the coverage area. When not in use, the awning arms will retract back into its slimline cassette casing.  

All components are designed to guarantee a smooth operation paired with extreme durability, tried and tested throughout heavy and demanding loads. The cocoon awning is locally manufactured in Sydney with high-quality aluminium profiles combined with high-strength cause and drop-forged components. This means optimal safety even under extreme loads.  

The cocoon awning also features a specially developed Multiflex power band consisting of four tear-resistant steel cables sheathed in ultra-flexible plastic material. This protects the components from corrosion. It applies the force of spring movements in the arm sections and ensures proper tensioning of the awning while still allowing flexibility during strong gusts of wind.  

Finally, it features a Somfy motor backed with a 5-year guarantee and a category 5 Beaufort wind scale rating. So it can withstand winds of up to 39km/hr.   

cocoon awning 1 Helioscreen

What About Additional Accessories? 

When it comes to additional accessories, Helioscreen has you covered. Literally. Some of Helioscreen’s popular accessories include:  

Sun and Wind Sensors

There’s nothing like the convenience of not having to worry about the weather changing on you. Luckily, you can opt to add a little luxury to your cocoon awning with Helioscreen’s sun and wind sensors 

When the sun comes out, the sun sensors will react and extend automatically without you having to lift a finger. Alternately, if the winds become too fierce, your wind sensors will trigger the awning to retract, protecting it from any potential weather damage.  

While sun and wind sensors are convenient, they’re also extremely handy for commercial spaces when you may not have the time to spare fiddling with awning functions. Allowing you to go on with your daily tasks without hassle.  

Operation Options 

Helioscreen puts your convenience first, down to the last detail – including how you choose to operate your awning. Helioscreen’s motorisation options give you the freedom to operate your cocoon awning the way you like it. 

 You can choose from manual operation via a hand gear, or opt for motorisation with switch control, handheld Somfy remote or a complete automation system. Helioscreen custom makes all retractable awnings to order, so how you want to operate your awning is completely up to you, for your convenience.  

Why Choose Helioscreen’s Cocoon Awnings?  

When it comes to choosing a retractable awning that lasts, it’s important to prioritise optimal durability and functionality to guarantee a long-lasting shade solution. Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of custom made retractable awnings for any residential or commercial facade. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your cocoon awning needs. 

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