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There’s nothing worse than not being able to utilise your backyard, patio or outdoor space because of the weather. But Helioscreen’s Rubix awnings offer a solution. Whether you want to make your backyard or pool area more comfortable during summer or have a little more light control, the Rubix awning combines precision and style.  

With a focus on clean likes to suit the finest, modern architecture, the Rubix awning is detailed to integrate seamlessly onto any facade. Let’s take a closer look. 

rubix awning Helioscreen

Helioscreen’s Retractable Rubix Awnings

Retractable awnings don’t have to be loud. With a slimline cassette design to protect the fabric and folding arms from the elements, Helioscreen’s Rubix awning provides an understated level of protection.  

It features a fully closing cassette to protect the awning’s fabric, folding arms and components from weather damage and the elements. Its slim design reflects modern and geometric appeal with a discreet, flat cassette enclosure. It’s long-lasting, extremely durable and is the perfect addition to any modern facade or outdoor area.  

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Helioscreen’s Rubix Awning Key Features 

  • Maximum width: 6 metres  
  • Maximum projection: 3.5 metres  
  • Fabric colours: Over 100 fabric colours  
  • Frame colours: Over 120 Dulux & custom powder coat colours  
  • Installation angle: 5-40° 
  • Full and semi cassette options  
  • Cassette dimensions: 154mm x 220mm 

How Do Helioscreen’s Rubix Awnings Work?  

When in use, you can operate the awning with a motorised function or manual crank to extend the arms outwards over your desired coverage area. The awnings arms then retract back into the cassette when not in use. The slim cassette sits flush against the wall with an incredibly discreet cassette dimension size of 154mm deep x 212mm high. One of the slimmest cassette designs on the market.  

The Rubix awning is locally manufactured in Sydney using high-quality materials including chromatised aluminium and marine-grade stainless steel screws. It’s made with high strength extruded brackets to ensure sound and seamless fixing, even on the most difficult of facades.  

The cassette enclosure features cast aluminium end caps to provide the perfect protection from the elements. The Multiflex 4-cable folding arm system has been tried and tested over 70,000 full cycles, making it the strongest, most durable design on the market. 

Finally, it features a Somfy motor backed with a 5-year guarantee and a category 5 Beaufort wind scale rating. So it can withstand winds of up to 38km/hr. An all-around impressive experience in functionality and endurance.    

rubix awning 2 Helioscreen

What About Additional Feature Options? 

When it comes to additional accessories, Helioscreen has you covered. Literally. If you’re looking for something extra, these options won’t disappoint:  

Sun and Wind Sensors 

 Sun and wind sensors mean you never have to worry about unpredictable weather. Sun sensors will automatically react and extend when the sun comes out – it’s the ultimate convenience. Alternately, when winds pick up, the sensors will trigger the awning to retract to prevent any damage. No need to keep your eyes on the radar, your awning is one step ahead.  

While sun and wind sensors are convenient, they’re also extremely handy for commercial spaces when you may not have the time to spare fiddling with awning functions. Allowing you to go on with your daily tasks without hassle.  

Somfy Remotes

Who says can’t have both style and convenience? With Helioscreen’s range of Somfy remotes, you have the ultimate control with a touch of a button. Perfect for large outdoor coverage areas and commercial spaces. A little can go a long way.  

Learn More About Helioscreen’s Rubix Awnings 

What Facade Does a Rubix Awning Suit? 

The Rubix design is manufactured with the highest attention to detail to create a geometric and discreet fitting for any modern facade. Its slimline casing will blend perfectly into the building’s architecture to ensure a low profile. It’s sleek, aesthetically pleasing and mounts flat against the building’s wall – perfect for modern designs within any residential or commercial space.  

How Much Does a Rubix Awning Cost? 

Rubix awnings come in many variations to suit your outdoor requirements. This includes colours, installation angle, width, projection and overall coverage area. Because of this, there is no fixed price for a Rubix awning. In saying this, Helioscreen will tailor your Rubix awning to suit your requirements for a seamless experience for weather protection.  

Why Choose Helioscreen’s Rubix Awnings? 

When it comes to choosing a retractable awning that lasts, it’s important to prioritise optimal durability and functionality to guarantee a long-lasting shade solution. Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of custom made retractable awnings for any residential or commercial facade. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your Rubix awning needs. 

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