Types of Commercial Awnings

External Commercial Blind

Awnings can be used in a variety of applications when it comes to commercial spaces. Depending on the business, the uses can be far-reaching. Not only does an awning protect your customers and visitors from rain and weather conditions, but it can also create a beautiful aesthetic for the exterior of your facility.

Main Applications for Commercial Awnings

When it comes to where and how to use an awning, think about the purpose you require it for:

  • Entryway or pathway shading
  • Commercial courtyards
  • Alfresco dining spaces
  • Window awnings for privacy
  • Glare control for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • All weather protection (both sun and rain)
  • Self-supported awnings / gazebos

Wherever you’re looking to seat or entertain guests, you can install an awning. You can even install an awning inside a building if your facility is a large one such as a shopping centre, and you’re looking for the specific design element that an awning provides.

Awnings can be installed to protect customers from harsh sun conditions, glare or wet weather, and there are a variety of options available. Commonly, businesses prefer to install bespoke awnings that are matched to the look and feel of the existing building facade. With this option, you’re able to select powder coat colours, fabric colours/features and automation options.

Main Types of Commercial Awnings

Types of commercial awnings can vary based on whether you’re looking for a fixed or retractable option.

A fixed option will be permanently in place without the ability to be retracted, so is less flexible.

In contrast, a retractable option means you can use the awning only when needed, allowing more control over the light / heat / glare of the space being covered. These awnings are motorised/electric.

Choosing a retractable fabric option over a permanent polycarbonate option, ensures patrons can be comfortable in all weather situations.

Folding arm awning on a balcony

Types of retractable awnings:

  • Folding arm awnings
  • Electric awnings
  • Window awnings
  • Sunroof / conservatory awnings
  • Cafe Awnings
  • Retractable roof systems

When it comes to determining how much an awning will cost, there are several factors involved that you will need to consider. An off the shelf option will be less expensive than a bespoke item that is made to measure and incorporates your chosen colours and fabric choices. The installation will need to be factored into the costing, as will automation if you’re looking to operate your awning with the ease of a touch of a button. Read more about costs of awnings here.

As part of your decision making, it is also essential to consider that when you are working with an awning supplier, be sure you are working with a reputable agent and installer where the quality of workmanship is guaranteed, and they use a brand of product that is long-lasting, as an awning can become a valuable asset to your business.

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