What Are Roller Blinds Made Of?

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At Helioscreen, we pride ourselves on crafting our roller blinds using only the best quality componentry and fabrics. The result is a beautiful and stylish window covering made to last.  

So, what are Helioscreen’s roller blinds made from that makes us Australia’s leading roller blind supplier? 

Let’s take a look.

What Are Helioscreen’s Roller Blinds Made From?

Manufactured on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Helioscreen’s roller blinds combine industry leading materials with craftsman-like attention to detail to produce premium quality roller blinds.  

Our roller blinds are made of: 

Durable Componentry

Helioscreen’s roller blinds are made using only premium componentry from the world’s best suppliers. This includes powder coated brackets, your choice of 5 different aluminium base bar designs and stylish stainless steel chain pulls on our manually operated blinds. 

These durable components ensure your blinds not only remain beautiful but functional for many years to come.  

Long-Lasting Fabrics

Our roller blinds are made using only the most functional, stylish and long-lasting indoor fabrics.  

Coming in a range of opacities, weaves and finishes, Helioscreen’s fabric collection refines your home’s interior. Even better, they cut down extortionate electricity bills by keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Our fabric options include: 

Sunscreen Fabrics

Helioscreen’s sunscreen fabrics have the unique ability to reflect the sun’s heat and glare without blocking the entry of natural light. This maintains the colour spectrum of the outside view, while still providing privacy during the day.  

Our sunscreen fabrics are made from either a PVC polyester blend or our Enviroluxe eco-friendly materials. Enviroluxe is ideal for those wanting to move towards an environmentally conscious home as they produce zero VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions.

Translucent Fabrics

Made from polyester, our translucent fabrics gently filter light and heat, all while providing privacy both during the day and at night.  

Blockout Fabrics

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When the need arises for complete light block, Helioscreen’s blockout fabrics offer the perfect solution. These polyester blinds prevent 100% of light from entering the room, making them ideal for everything from bedrooms to boardrooms.   

Somfy Motors

Enjoy full light, partial light or complete privacy in seconds with Somfy powered motorised roller blinds 

Eliminating the need for a hanging chain chord, Somfy motors allow you to lower or raise your blinds effortlessly via a remote control, wall switch or smartphone app. Even better, Somfy’s motor is discreetly concealed in the tube of the blind to ensure a sleek, minimal look and super silent operation. 

For Roller Blinds Made To Last, Choose Helioscreen

When choosing a roller blind for your home or business, it’s important to prioritise a durable and functional system that will provide long-lasting protection.  

All Helioscreen roller blinds come with a 5 year warranty on the motor, fabric and hardware, so you know you’re choosing a quality roller blind from a trusted supplier.  

Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of roller blinds for a variety of residential and commercial buildings. To find out more about our range of indoor roller blinds, contact us today. 

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