Investing In Winter For Window Blinds

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There’s nothing like the glaring summer sun streaming through your windows and waking you up at ridiculous-o’clock to remind you that you should invest in some decent blinds. The thing is, however, that winter is also a great time to invest in blinds, but a lot of people don’t realised because without that hot glaring sun to give them a gentle reminder, it falls into next year’s to-do list! Whether you’re fitting out a new home or sprucing up an old one, make this winter the one that you buy quality blinds or awnings. From roller blinds to complete blackout blinds, there are so many ways that the window treatment you buy can impact the quality of your home. Here are three good reasons to brave the cold and go out to buy blinds today!

1. Heat Retention

Did you know that if the temperature in your home drops by even 1 degree, your heating costs can rise by 10%? That’s a pretty big jump, considering the small variation in temperature we’re talking about here! While the cost to your back pocket this causes is bad enough, but the cost to the environment? That’s huge as well. In a time where we’re all trying to minimise our impact on the planet, it’s important to do everything possible to harness the natural energy of the earth. Investing in quality blinds is one way in which you can do this. Heavy drapes, Roman blinds or retractable awnings can all help you do this. During the day, when the sun is shining, the rooms in your home can soak up the heat it gives off. Leaving blinds open during the day will allow the maximum amount of sunlight to penetrate the room, which will be stored as heat. Once night falls, however, heavy drapes or blinds act as insulators, and prevent heat being lost through the window glass, reducing your energy bills and your footprint!

2. Savings

Because so many people rush out to buy blinds and awnings when the sun is so bright and hot that they can no longer stand it, you’re more likely to pick up a bargain in the winter months, particularly on last season’s designs left over from the summer rush. Look around for blind manufacturers that are having sales, and you could save yourself big bucks!

3. Light Management

A lot of people find that they are too hasty to purchase total light-blocking solutions in the summer months, and then find that in winter the blinds are too dark to allow any of the softer light to penetrate the room. This is particularly true of sunscreen-style blinds and retractable awnings, and the shade they create can seem too dark and cold. Not only does this up the old energy bills, but it can affect the feel of your home and make it seem smaller. Trying out a few options that are guaranteed to prevent glare in the summer months but also allow light in the winter months is a great thing to do when it’s chilly out.

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