5 Benefits of Retractable Roofs You Need To Know

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Love hosting a BBQ or having your friends round for a sunset drink? Then you’ll know nothing ruins your outdoor entertaining plans faster than unpredictable weather.  

If you’re an avid outdoor entertainer, installing a retractable roof is a no-brainer.  

Here, we’ll look at 5 benefits a retractable roof brings to your home and why they’re well worth the investment.  

5 Noteable Benefits Of Retractable Roofs

Retractable roofs add an unsurpassed level of style and flexibility to decks, patios, courtyards, gardens – you name it. Let’s look a little closer at 5 of their most notable benefits: 

1. Flexibile Light Control

With a retractable roof, you have the luxury to control the light and heat entering your space at any time of day. In comparison to a fixed roof or pergola, retractable roofs allow you to change your roof coverage to suit the weather, the occasion, or your preference.  

In fact, a strategically placed retractable roof is capable of reducing the heat and glare in your home and outdoor spaces by up to 90%. This also takes the strain off your air conditioning system whilst lessening the impact on the environment and your wallet. Not to mention it makes your space a whole lot more enjoyable! 

Extend the roof during the heat of the day to seek shelter from the harsh sun, and create a comfortable temperature on your deck, patio or verandah. When the sun goes down, retract the roof to reveal open skies and uninterrupted views.  

2. Effortless Operation

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Operational via a remote control, wall switch or smartphone app, retractable roofs open or close in seconds to meet your exact light requirements. Forget fumbling with cords or crank handles.  

For total convenience, you can also set timers for your roof to automatically open and close throughout the day. Program it to close when the sun is overhead, and open again once the sun sets, so your home remains at a comfortable temperature no matter the time of day. 

You can also add sun and rain sensors to your retractable roof, allowing it to automatically react to the weather, even when you’re at work or out and about.  

3. Preserve Your Furniture

If you’re investing in quality outdoor furniture for your home or business, you’ll want to protect it from the elements as best you can.  

A retractable roof sheilds your furnishings and fabrics from the damaging effects of the sun, wind and rain, keeping them looking pristine for longer. This saves you thousands of dollars on needing to replace these items every few years. 

Along with preserving your outdoor furniture, a retractable roof also protects your indoor furniture, flooring and artwork from fading, warping or peeling in the harsh sun. 

4. Complete Weather Protection

With a Helioscreen retractable roof, you’ll no longer need to worry about the weather ruining your outdoor entertaining plans. We make our retractable roofs using only the best waterproof fabrics, integrated gutters and water seals to ensure 100% rain protection – no pesky drips or leaky fabrics.  

Even better, our All Seasons retractable roof model has a rating of 11 on the Beaufort wind scale. It can withstand wind gusts up to 177km/h, so you won’t need to retract it, even if the weather takes a turn for the worst.  

5. Long Lasting Shade Solution

If you’re looking for a retractable roof, you want to ensure you’re purchasing a quality solution that won’t rust, tear or break in a few years’ time.  

Made with only the highest quality fabrics and componentry, Helioscreen’s retractable roofs ensure durable, long-lasting protection from the harsh Australian climate. All models come with a 5 year warranty on the motor, fabric and hardware for your peace of mind.  

Choose Australia’s Leading Retractable Roof Supplier

Retractable roofs are a valuable investment for any outdoor setting. They add style, comfort and flexibilty to your home or business. So, when choosing a retractable roof for your home, it’s important to look for a vendor that offers a quality product built to last.  

Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of retractable roofs for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Contact us today for more information on a model to best suit your needs.  

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