Finding “The Look” for your business and office

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If you’re trying to find “The Look” for your business or office, the chances are that you’ve already discovered how difficult it can be to integrate design features. Colour, tones, and textures are the big issues, particularly when you’re dealing with spaces where blinds are required, which is practically everywhere. There are ways of handling these issues. Outdoor blinds can be very simple to install, for example, covering a range of issues at once.

Even if you’re employing a professional designer, it’s a good idea to form an opinion of the design issues involved. There are several situations in this form of design where being well informed and up to speed on design issues is good business sense.

Business design issues- “The Look”, defined

“The Look” is your vision of the business design. This can be anything from a sleek, modern design motif to a traditional office design. Your industry and your market are the best guides to the look you need for your business.

The main issues with “The Look” are:

  • Quality: Like all businesspeople, designers and suppliers will want to give you a good quote. Professional designers and suppliers will stick strictly within your stated budget on principle. That’s fine, unless it involves a compromise on quality. Some elements of design, blinds in particular, are defined by quality. Inferior quality materials can be very counterproductive with a good design. Under no circumstances should lower grade products be used in upmarket designs.
  • Style: Like quality, this is another area where your ideas and wishes need to be made clear from the outset. Your designer and suppliers need to have a good idea of your requirements, and will be able to work with the style factors more easily.
  • Business environments and presentation: All businesses project an image to their clients. These environments are also workplaces, and a positive environment has been long acknowledged as the best design approach for productivity. “The Look” must meet both criteria. Lighting is a case in point, where good interior blinds or exterior blinds can provide an excellent match of natural lighting and business image.

Keeping it straightforward when doing an office upgrade

Complexity can be a problem, when upgrading your business premises. Keep your vision of “The Look” very simple and well defined. That makes it a lot easier for designers and suppliers to provide what you want, and also prevents “design clutter”, too many design elements which can look good but can also be a real nuisance to install. (You can add design features later, anyway. It’s the fundamental design which creates “The Look”.)

Getting advice about options

Talking to professionals is definitely the simplest way of figuring out your options. Professional designers and suppliers can give you all the information you need, usually in a few minutes, when they understand your design concept. They can also solve problems, deal with specifications issues, and provide more accurate quotes before you even get started on your upgrade.

Finding “The Look” is really pretty easy. Create your dream business environment, and enjoy “The Look” the way you want it.

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