Guide to Creating Space in Your Home

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If you are outgrowing your current home but aren’t yet ready to move, creating more space can help solve the problem. This can be achieved in three main ways.

Altering existing space

Many homes have a lot of small rooms that are impractical as anything other than bedrooms because of their size. If you don’t need three bedrooms and want a larger master bedroom or open plan area, consider removing a couple of internal walls to create larger rooms. The dividing wall between a kitchen and dining room could also be removed to create a large, open-plan kitchen and eating area.

Remember, of course, to check with a builder or your local council before knocking down walls that could be load bearing, as this would seriously weaken the structure of your house.

By the same token, if you need an extra bedroom, adding an internal wall to divide a large bedroom into two smaller ones is also an option.

Another way to make better use of existing space is to change the use of a room. What may have always been a bedroom may be more useful as a study, or a rarely used sunroom could become a great second loungeroom. A small bedroom next to the master bedroom could also be converted into an ensuite or walk-in wardrobe.

If you have a basement, attic or unused garage, these can all be converted into games rooms, dens and gyms with little effort or expense.

Adding new space

Another way to create more space is to add an entirely new space. This could be in the form of an extension to your existing house, adding a second storey, or the addition of a sunroom or enclosed veranda. Installing double glazing and exterior awnings can compensate for any temperature fluctuations that might be associated with converting outside areas.

In older homes, there is often unused space beneath high-sloping roofs that could be turned into a loft bedroom or study. If the available area doesn’t have enough head room, it could still provide valuable storage space that would free up other areas of your home.

Another option is a granny flat in your yard. This can be ideal for a teenager, elderly parent or even as an office for a home business, where you can escape the distractions of the main house but still be within easy reach.

Making more space

If your budget doesn’t allow for renovations or additions, a more economical way to create new space is to make the most of the space you have.

Removing clutter immediately creates a feeling of space. There are a range of great modular storage options available that can get unwanted items out of sight and free up more space in every room of your house.

Choosing simple furniture with clean lines, painting walls in light colours and swapping heavy drapes for Roman blinds or Venetians are all effective ways to make a room look lighter and more spacious.

There are, in fact, numerous ways to create more space in your home and you’ll find that, once you start looking, you’ll be amazed at just how many you discover yourself.

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