How Much Does A Retractable Roof Cost?

Retractable Roof Systems

When planning a retractable roof system installation, the budget needs to be seriously taken into consideration. Retractable roofs are widely known for their price tag yet, the flexibility in creating a desirable outdoor venue or living space without sacrificing the year-round weather conditions is beneficial for many locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Features that affect the retractable roofing system’s overall price include customisation of the fabric shape and size, computerised manufacturing vs hand-cut, locally-based assembly, and the level to which the final product undergoes quality testing.

Retractable Roof System prices – Residential Vs Commercial

While the cost of a retractable roof varies depending on different parameters, they generally start from just under $10,000  for a basic & small sized model with no lights, up to many tens of thousands for larger or coupled systems that may have integrated lighting / custom gutters / unusual shapes or overhangs. Prices also often reflect the quality and warranty that come with them.

Retractable roofing cost varies depending upon the following factors:

  • Size (width x projection)
  • Fabrics
  • Frame
  • Model
  • Colours
  • Motors
  • Sensors
  • Remote Controls
  • Timers
  • Customisation


Choosing a Retractable Roof Checklist


Define the purpose of your retractable roof system. Are you extending your home’s living space to the outdoors? Do you want to protect your patio area from the sun or do you want to create more shade inside your home during the hot summer months? Answers to these questions will help your supplier determine how your roof system should function or if they need to customise it to suit your exact needs.


Your home’s design and style influence what type of retractable roof system or awning that will fit your home best. A great supplier can customise your retractable roof system to fit a certain shape and size. They will also make you choose between a variety of styles, a range of colours, lighting needs, and optional sensors.


Since we often experience harsh weather conditions in Australia and New Zealand, the ideal retractable roof system should have a high wind rating, watertight, and sturdy enough to withstand unforgiving elements.


It is important to choose a product that is manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure that it won’t damage or break easily – keeping its original shape and style for a long time. Checking the motor and electronic system is essential to not get stuck with the hassle of a faulty or unreliable system.


The quality of manufacturing and installation of your retractable roof system plays a vital role in determining your satisfaction with the roof system you will install at your home or in your business premises. Talk to your supplier about their installation process and know the methods of installation they use to ensure that your retractable roof system will be strong enough and safe to use with an extra reassurance that the products are made to last.

Finding a Quality Retractable Roof Supplier

When considering retractable roof system prices for your home or business, always prioritise quality. Go for great quality products – the ones that are durable and would serve the purpose for years. This will ensure that you don’t have to replace your roof more often. You should also consider a perfect balance between price and quality.

After all, retractable roofs are no simple purchases. It is important to study the reliability, professionalism, and customisation options of your supplier. Choose a leading supplier to ensure that you are spending on the right products and services – ensuring durability and satisfactory quality in expanding your outdoor spaces.

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