How Much Do Motorised Blinds Cost?

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Thinking of installing motorised blinds in your home or business?  

You’re probably wondering how much they cost and if they’re worth the investment.  

So, we’ve created this simple guide. We’ll answer questions like ‘how much are motorised blinds?’ and outline 6 reasons why they’re worth the investment.  

Here’s everything you need to know. 

How Much Do Motorised Blinds Cost?

There is no set price for motorised blinds. 

Their price will vary significantly depending on the level of customisation (if any) a supplier offers. For example, some stores offer budget friendly ‘out of the box’ motorised blinds starting from around $300 for a simple system. 

Suppliers like Helioscreen, on the other hand, custom make your motorised blinds to your exact size, colour and feature requirements. This makes it hard to give a definitive indication of cost. 

Helioscreen’s motorised blinds are market leaders in quality and functionality. Operational via a remote control, wall switch or smartphone app, they allow for effortless light control at the touch of a button.  

Popular models and their prices include: 

Roller Blinds

Translucent Fabric Blinds Helioscreen

Consisting of a single sheet of fabric that rolls up or down, roller blinds are a simple and highly effective window covering. They’re ideal for windows and doors of all sizes in houses, apartments, offices, restaurants and cafes. 

For Helioscreen’s motorised indoor roller blinds, you can expect to pay anywhere between $700 and $1,500.  

Helioscreen’s custom roller blinds are locally made with premium componentry and anti-static fabrics, so you know they’re made to last. With over 17 sunscreen, translucent and total blackout fabrics to choose from, there’s something to suit all aesthetics and lighting preferences. 

Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds Helioscreen

Double roller blinds combine a light filtering sunscreen/translucent blind and a blackout blind within the one system, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.  

As a guide, Helioscreen’s motorised double roller blinds cost between $1,400 and $3,000. 

Double roller blinds are ideal for bedrooms, offices, living rooms, nurseries and any other room where your light and privacy needs vary throughout the day/night. Offering a double layer of insulation, they also help keep your home cool in summer and retain the warmth during winter.  

How Do They Compare To Motorised Outdoor Blinds?

Powered by Somfy motors, Helioscreen’s range of motorised outdoor blinds add a unique touch of luxury to any outdoor area. They’re the ideal shade solution for residential and commercial balconies, courtyards, windows, office blocks – you name it.  

The price of Helioscreen’s outdoor blinds and popular models include: 

Motorised Roller Blinds

External Sun Screens Blinds Helioscreen

Attaching to an exterior window, door or balcony, motorised outdoor roller blinds are great for shading large or hard to reach areas.  

Generally speaking, Helioscreen’s external roller blinds range anywhere between $1,500 to $5,900 depending on the size of the system.  

Helioscreen’s outdoor blinds block up to 90% of heat, taking the strain off your cooling systems and saving you significantly on your electricity bills. They’re available in a wide range of colourways and fibreglass core anti-static sunscreen or blackout fabrics to ensure maximum durability in Australian conditions. 

Motorised Venetian Blinds

Helioscreen external venetian blinds covering window

External venetian blinds consist of a series of horizontal slats typically made from aluminium, wood or faux wood. The slats easily tilt or raise completely to achieve your desired light and privacy at any time of day or night.  

Helioscreen’s motorised venetian blinds can range anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 depending on their size and additional features. 

Made with thick extruded aluminium pelmets, stainless steel fixtures and UV-resistant components, Helioscreen’s Venetian blinds are extremely resistant to damage from wind, sun, rain and corrosion. 

Note: There is the possibility to link most motorised blind models, so the price of the motorisation may only apply to one of the blinds in a series if they are linked together. 

Are Motorised Blinds Worth It?



Motorised blinds are not only convenient, they add significant value to any residential or commercial building.  

Here’s why motorised blinds are worth the investment: 

  • They’re energy efficient 
  • They’re safe for kids and pets 
  • Great for large windows and hard to reach spaces 
  • They enhance privacy and security 
  • Protect your furniture and flooring from fading 
  • Further options for automation and light sensors 

Choose Australia’s Leading Motorised Blinds Supplier

Helioscreen’s indoor and outdoor motorised blinds are market leaders in style, durability and support. As a quality guarantee, all models come with a 5 year warranty on the fabric, motor and hardware for your peace of mind.  

To find out exactly how much motorised outdoor blinds will cost for your home or business, contact our friendly team today.  

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