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Roller Blinds – Simple, Elegant, Private

Each house has it’s own character and often window dressings will have some impact on this. Whether you have a country style cottage or a modern villa, roller blinds are one of the best choices you can make in term of window dressing, because they suit any home.

The simple elegance of the roller blind ensures the most streamlined, non-intrusive dressing for any window. Because roller blinds roll up to almost disappear when not in use, they can be an effective way to provide privacy without impacting on the look and décor of your interior design. You can still have curtains and pelmets in any number of styles and still have the comfort of knowing you can get the privacy and light control from your blinds, that you may not get from your decorator sheers or custom designed curtains.

What’s more, they have little or no impact on the external look of your home. So you can use theme and colour in any way you choose, and still know your simple roller blinds won’t take away from the rustic wooden windows or sleek aluminium frames.

The practical benefits of the roller blind also make it the best option for most homes.

– Easy to use

With a simple chain or automated system, roller blinds won’t get stuck or twisted, they simply roll up or down as needed.

-Light/Heat Control

Roller blinds are perhaps one of the most effect ways to control light and heat in your home. Depending on the types and grades of materials you choose, you can have a blind that reduces up to 72% of the sun’s heat and almost all the light.

Blinds are extremely versatile and can be bought ready made and fitted at home, or made on your own sewing machine, however if you want the most up to date technologies and sophisticated design you can opt for the more expensive custom made blinds.

You can have roller blinders made of semi-transparent fabrics in light or dark shades that act as a screen, while still allowing some light. Or perhaps you might prefer to have a simple, plain white and washable blind, which are perfect for rental properties and kitchens and bathrooms. For homes with a more defined style,
you can choose fabric roller blinds in practically any colour or texture that will blend with your existing décor.

With a selection of styles, colours, fabric density and mechanisms there will be a roller blind to suit your home and décor.

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