5 Tips for the Perfect Backyard

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Interior design has become something of a modern obsession, with homemakers spending millions of dollars and countless hours picking out every last detail from the perfect roller blinds to just the right light fittings. But with the climate we have in Australia, outdoor living is just as important, so we should be spending just as much time and effort making sure that our outdoor spaces are comfortable and attractive. Follow our top tips and you will be well on the way to the perfect backyard.

Segment your space

The key to getting the most from your backyard is to know how to use the space. Often the best way to do this is to treat it the same way you do the interior of your home. Even in the most open plan living spaces, separate areas are demarcated for different activities. This helps ensure that all the space is used and that it is appealing to the eye. The same principal applies in your backyard. Create separate spaces for different activities such as an entertaining area and a child’s play area, or perhaps a vegetable patch or kitchen garden.

Don’t be overcomplicated

As important as it is to break your outdoor space down into separate areas, it is essential that you don’t overdo it. If you have plenty of land then by all means go for it. You can include anything from a swimming pool, to a tennis court, an orchard or a formal garden and much more besides. But if you only have a small backyard, two or three distinct areas will look far more attractive than half a dozen crammed into a tiny space; they will be far more useable too.

Get comfortable

However good your backyard looks, you will only use it is if it is comfortable too, and that means choosing your outdoor furniture carefully. Gone are the days when your only options were wooden picnic tables with hard benches. There are now almost as many options in outdoor furniture as there are for its indoor equivalent. Don’t just think about durability: think about comfort too. Will you really enjoy relaxing on this furniture? Get this decision right and you will be far more tempted to curl up with a good book in the fresh air instead of slumping on the lounge in front of the television.

Protect yourself from the elements

Whether it is the scorching sun beating down or a heavy shower passing overhead, you need to protect yourself and your family from the elements if you are going to enjoy your backyard to the full. Investing in a retractable awning could be the ideal solution, ensuring that you always have just the protection that you need.

Stay warm

As lovely as the Aussie climate is there will be times that most of us begin to feel the chill. It can be a shame to have to head indoors once the sun goes down or to give up al fresco dining when summer draws to a close. Invest in some outdoor heaters and you won’t have to worry about this. There is plenty of choice, from patio heaters to braziers, so you will be able to find something that suits your outdoor space and you will find that you can spend far more time in your backyard.

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