Courtyard Renovation Ideas

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Transforming your courtyard into an oasis requires some careful forward planning and a clever use of urban outdoor elements. Here, we’ve got some great ideas for transforming your courtyard into a great place for enjoying your morning coffee and entertaining guests in the summer. From tips on selecting the right external shading such as a retractable awning, to choosing a colour scheme that will compliment your home’s interior, we’ve got a great range of tips for transforming your courtyard into an urban oasis:

Plan ahead

Like any room in the house, your outdoor space requires careful planning to ensure the end result looks good. Think about the colours you have in your home and think about extending that theme outwards. Stepping out into your courtyard should be like stepping out into an extension of your living space or wherever the courtyard runs off from.

Courtyard walls

The walls of the courtyard may need to be treated or painted. A feature wall is a great idea in a courtyard as well. This could be the wall that you face as soon as you walk out. Using colour sparingly in the courtyard is important so you don’t over-do it, but if the space is big enough a feature wall can look fantastic.

Furniture selection

Choosing the right furniture is important. Firstly think about what you will be using this outdoor space for. It may be too small for seated entertaining, so a single stone or wooden bench seat running along a wall is all that’s required. If however there is plenty of space for hosting summer dinner parties outside, then you will want to invest in an outdoor setting that compliments the space and is durable against the elements.


Choosing plants that compliment your courtyard is another important element you need to consider. The plants need to work well with the look and feel of the area.


Flooring has a big impact on the style of any room in your home. The same goes for all of your outdoor areas. If there are any cracks in tiles or pavers that need repairing, make sure you tend to them. You may even want to consider different flooring options you can have installed if you are unhappy with what is currently there.


If your courtyard is subject to lots of direct sunlight throughout the day you may want to consider installing some shading. As roller blinds inside the home help to protect your house from sun and heat, as well as provide you with privacy, the right outdoor screening choice can give you all of the same benefits. It’s really just a matter of choosing the right one to suit the look and style of your outdoor space.

Any courtyard can be transformed into an urban oasis. You just need to know how to use the area to its full potential. I hope our list of tips has given you some inspirational ideas for just how you can go about transforming your courtyard right away.

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