Understanding Home Automation

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The idea of home automation is all very hi-tech and exciting. As we move forward with technology and innovation it’s becoming clear that the scope of convenience and streamlining we can achieve even in our own homes is just incredible. Home automation is the process of implementing holistic solutions to as much of our home’s functionality as possible. For example, home automation can include a central power display through which is it possible to control everything from lights, home security, heating, cooling, music, intercom and even external elements like retractable awnings and garage doors. One of the most impressive features of home automation is that you are able to gauge how much energy your home is using, and implement changes that can save you money.

Lighting, Heating and Cooling

As our families and our houses get bigger, so does the burden of keeping them lit and climate-controlled. Another thing that becomes harder to manage is the amount of wasted energy. A room at one end of the house might be rarely used most of the time, and therefore heating the entire house is not a cost-efficient or energy-efficient way to go about things. Instead, home automation gives you the option to choose which areas of your home are heated and which are not, all with the touch of a button. What’s more, depending on which system you choose, there are options to put the lights in your home on a five minute timer, so that if a room is empty for longer than five minutes, lights automatically turn off. This is a real bonus when you have a family, as many parents know all too well the frustration of children (or in some cases, spouses!) who roam through the house switching on lights and then forgetting to turn them off!


Home security is a big issue and one that can be addressed with home automation. Not only can home automation provide a centralised control panel with the option of cameras, remote locking and security analysis,  it has the capability for you to program set functions that can make your home appear occupied even when it is not. Many residents choose to make use of this function by programming blinds and awnings to open or close at varying points during the day while they are on vacation, or certain lights to turn on/off at different times. Of course, home automation can also provide that extra peace of mind by displaying exactly which areas are secured or unsecured, so you can log in from work whenever you get that paranoia that you may have left the garage door wide open!

Light Management and Sustainability

As we’ve discussed, there are several ways in which roller blinds , awnings and retractable sunroofs can help you better manage the light in your home and save on energy bills. Through home automation, you can program motorised blinds and awnings to open and close at different times of the day to make the most of the sun and the shade, depending on your requirements. This is a feature that more and more Australians are discovering allows them not only to save money, but to create a more comfortable living environment as well.

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